Winter’s Whimsical Friend: Ginger, the Adorable Fluff Bucket Cat, Frolics Through Snowy Bliss ‎

Ginger is an adorable fluff bucket of a cat who enjoys romping through the snow. And while he makes a quite a time of outside play, he prefers the comforts of home to the cold outdoors after he once knew life as a stray cat. One who had no choice but to survive outside in the harsh Russian winter.

But Ginger wasn’t bound to the cold for long. He’d soon find a family and remember outside can be fun when you aren’t fighting to survive.

When the big orange tabby cat first showed up around the neighborhood, his family-to-be knew he couldn’t have been a stray his whole life, telling Bored Panda, “He looked like he was a home cat who didn’t know how to survive outside—he would just sit in one place for long periods of time.”

They placed ads and asked around, but no one responded or knew anything about the cat. So, it seemed their family would be growing by one chonky cat.

“We named him Ginger because we already have a black cat who we call Mr. Black.”

Ginger and Mr. Black became the best of friends right away, happy to share their warm and happy home with each other.

Snow Fun

With Ginger no longer living the stray cat life, he finds adventures in the snow delightful, his parents sharing, “Snow is not a problem for him; Ginger likes to explore the outdoors in winter too. He even plays with snow.”

It seems Ginger has a bit of a naughty streak too! When the watchful cat makes his outside patrols, “he likes to tease neighboring cats and dogs. For example, he sits in front of the fence and just stares at a dog who is barking at him.”

But his cold-weather fun “usually doesn’t last very long and he runs back home.”

And in his comfy space, Ginger enjoys watching birds through the window. Probably dreaming of how best to catch them when he’s outside again!

He’s a good boy who loves to help his family out around the house too. His favorite contribution? Sitting about looking cute and fluffy!

Ginger also likes warm weather strolls too, where he’s happy to sit in the sunshine and smile.

“He is super cute. He loves to be with his people and I think that he knows how to enjoy life because it looks like he savors every moment.”

Sounds like Ginger can teach us a few things!

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