Internet Sensation: Bowie, the Rescue Cat with Mesmerizing Blue and Green Eyes, Charms Hearts Worldwide ‎

With an eye of blue and one of green, Bowie the cat is a handsome lad. His fair coat is patched russet and black on his face, throat, and legs. Black and grey stripes ring his tail. His photos are addictive, thanks to such a striking appearance. He’s simply living art with his dramatic features and over 32,000 Instagram users agree.

Bowie the cat hails from Alicante, Spain. In 2018, Maria Lloret adopted the striped and white cat from a veterinarian’s office in Spain. On Bowie’s website, she wrote, “With those eyes his name could not have been other than Bowie.”


Like his namesake, Bowie is a man of adventure, experiencing new places and sensations. Here, Bowie visits the sea for the first time.

But unlike his rockstar namesake, Bowie the cat’s eyes are dual colored because of a genetic twist called heterochromia. David Bowie’s eyes only appeared dual-colored. An article on The Conversation reports the departed icon suffered an eye injury during a dust-up with a friend in his younger years. The fight was over a girl and, while the heartbreak didn’t last forever, the eye injury did. His eye was left permanently dilated, making it appear a different shade than the other. The condition is called anisocoria.

Bowie cat’s bio describes him as “Mum’s aggressive little beast with #Heterochromia, Sweet and sassy at the same time”. Bowie indeed looks like a feisty boy.

Though he enjoys his adventures and playtime, Bowie works hard “to bring happiness to all cat (or Bowie) lovers”.

The adorable kitty cat and his mom want everyone to remember the importance of adoption. Through Bowie’s antics and adventures, Marie hopes to raise awareness about the importance of animal adoption. She and her boy want to bring happiness to people worldwide.

With those eyes, Bowie won’t have a problem finding fans…

To all those that send him love and admiration, the adorable kitty man returns his affections…

Though Bowie loves action, he enjoys downtime reading with mom too…

Sometimes Bowie wants to stop and smell the flowers…

He finds just kicking back amazing too…

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