Unbreakable Connection: Jaga and Kalia’s Inspiring Journey to Overcome an 80% Chance of Death

for her little puppy, her desperation led her to scream as loud as she could in case she managed to move someone. Until his angel finally approached to help his offspring.

Every good mother cares about her child, about her child’s well-being before her own, and gives what is necessary so that everything is needed; But worried mothers, it exists only among brothers, there are animals whose love for their offspring rivals any human being, like many of the cases we have reviewed here. Zoopreпdeпte, and like this dog and her puppy. 

It all started this afternoon for the organization iпdia Aпimal Aid Uпlimited, who received an emergency call about the little dog next to them from the street that he was injured and would require immediate help if he wanted to survive.

The mother knew that she had to trust those people if she wanted her puppy to be saved.

At the speed they were allowed, the rescuers will arrive at the indicated address and it will not take long to detect the little boy thanks to his mother’s worried cries< a i=2>, because he was guarding next to the puppy that was found lying next to the light post.

The volunteer checked the puppy and found two wounds on his shoulders.

After seeing the dog’s concern, he coppedshe considered whether she might be aggressive with the Aпimal Aid volunteers, so they approached her with care. She could feel that these people were there to help and  she deposited her coffers with them, so she moved to the side so that she could reach the puppy, avoiding getting too far from him.

Well-cared for, he prepared to lift the calf to take it to the abyss, but the pain was unbearable and the poor cub cried non-stop.

The worried mother watched everything with the pain of a mother who would like to see her little one suffer.

His devastated mother also screamed every time the little boy did it.

After this, I was able to treat wounds in the dog’s fur and, as gently as possible, take him to the hospital.

The dog’s father was alarmed and was also seen arriving worried when he heard the screams.

The hospital confirmed that he had two stab wounds on his shoulders, so he would require enough treatment and rest to be able to recover whole. Obviously the real puppy would like to walk around on his own and do things like a big boy, but he had to take it easy if he wanted to return soon to his mother.

In the company there were four more puppies, so I had to take the poor puppy alone to the headquarters of Aпimal Aid Uпlimited I will deal with it quickly.

These angels risked everything to save the injured puppy.

After the time in which he was given the love, food and rest that he needed, the little boy was named Toggle, and He was ready to reunite with his family, who were surely eager to see him again.

In this video you can see the rescue and the sweet return Toggle with his parents

Mother and son are still alive and it is expected that they will be sterilized once the puppies are a little older so that they can eventually find their beautiful home.

It breaks our hearts to know the fate that awaits many puppies, despite the love and concern that they have for their mothers. The dangers to which he was exposed were too many; However, dogs teach the best lessons to humans.

But one thing is certain for us, the love of a mother has no limits of species.

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