From abandonment on the road to unforeseen joy: revealing the resilience of an abandoned dog (video)

Alex was ready to give up. He was severely malnourished, dehydrated and exhausted, and maggots were infesting his wounds.

He was on his deathbed. The worst part was that he was trapped in a remote location on the side of a road, with no way to escape on his own. He was trapped because he was wearing a necklace with a long chain. To make matters worse, he was completely indistinguishable from the road. He only had a slim chance of being rescued in time.

But little did he know that his life was about to improve dramatically and that his past would no longer haunt him. A person named Alex (for whom the puppy is named) noticed that the puppy was fading while he was cleaning the area.

She immediately sought help from the Feed Friends Foundation, a local animal rescue.

They agreed to take him in and found him a wonderful foster home in Alle Hadoc to care for him while he recovered physically and mentally.

His road to recovery would be long and difficult, but neither Alex nor his followers would give up.

He met new dogs and kittens at his foster home who showed him the ropes and helped him along the way. Alex was a wonderful dog who adored all the animals he encountered.

Alex began to heal from the inside out as time went on. The wound on his body and the wound on his heart were healed. She found a loving forever home after making a full recovery and is currently enjoying her second chance at life!

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