Today is my birthday nobody wished me yet because i’m Black ‎

Today, on my birthday, a poignant truth unfolds as the silence surrounding well-wishes reverberates. In a world that often falls short in recognizing the beauty of diversity, the absence of birthday greetings speaks volumes. Yet, in the face of this silence, I choose to amplify my own voice and celebrate my Black excellence.  While the silence may sting, it does not define the worthiness of celebration. Birthdays are not only personal milestones but opportunities to showcase the richness of individuality, culture, and resilience.

Embracing the truth that the lack of wishes does not diminish my significance, I am determined to uplift myself and others who may have experienced similar moments. My birthday becomes a platform to celebrate Black excellence, to defy stereotypes, and to showcase the strength and beauty that comes with being part of a rich cultural heritage.  Today is not just a day of personal celebration but a declaration of self-worth and the collective power of Black individuals to overcome silence and stand tall in their excellence.

As the candles are lit and the birthday song plays, it resonates with the rhythm of resilience and the melody of self-love. In unveiling this birthday truth, I turn the spotlight on the vibrant hues of my identity, and I invite others to join in celebrating the richness that diversity brings to the world. Here’s to a birthday filled with pride, empowerment, and the unwavering recognition of the beauty in Black excellence. 

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