Hilarious Bombay Cat with Permanent ‘Eyebrows’ Gains Instagram Fame for Expressive and Concerned Look ‎

Meet Cornelius Cornbread, the feline sensation taking the internet by storm with his sophisticated appearance. This four-year-old Bombay cat hailing from Nashville, Tennessee has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram, all thanks to the unique white markings on his forehead. Owned by retired teacher Karen Mellette, Cornelius has had what appears to be eyebrows since he was a kitten. This distinctive feature is due to a lack of fur in the region between his eyes and ears, giving him a perpetually sassy and concerned expression. Fans can’t help but adore his distinctive look, with one even joking that humans would pay a fortune to have eyebrows like his.

A cat (pictured above) who appears to have eyebrows has won thousands of followers online thanks to his sophisticated looks

An internet sensation has been sparked by a feline (pictured above) that seemingly possesses eyebrows, captivating a multitude of online fans who admire its refined appearance.

Cornelius Cornbread (pictured at home), four, from Nashville, Tennessee, is a Bombay cat who has become a popular up-and-coming star on Instagram thanks to the white marks on his forehead

Meet Cornelius Cornbread, a charming four-year-old Bombay cat hailing from the lively city of Nashville, Tennessee. This adorable feline has taken the Instagram world by storm, gaining popularity for his unique distinguishing feature – the eye-catching white marks that grace his forehead. With his rising fame, Cornelius is certainly becoming an Instagram sensation!

According to his owner, retired teacher Karen Mellette, Cornelius (seen in a cute, blue outfit) has had 'eyebrows' since he was a kitten because of a lack of fur in the area between his eyes and ears

Retired educator Karen Mellette, the proud owner, explains that Cornelius (sporting an utterly adorable, sky-blue ensemble) has been blessed with his unique “eyebrows” since his kitten days. This distinct feature arises from a curious absence of fur between his delightfully expressive eyes and furry ears, making Cornelius all the more charming.

Karen provided an interesting insight, saying that the adorable feline’s “eyebrows” are actually formed by the contrast between his thin black fur in the brow region and the white skin that peeks through. This combination, along with the distinctive rounded shape, gives Cornelius the appearance of perfectly groomed eyebrows. Karen playfully remarked that his brows are undeniably on point. In 2018, Karen started sharing pictures of Cornelius on the internet, and since then, this charming cat has amassed a following of over six thousand admirers.

And the cat's permanent sassy look of concern (above) is loved by his fans, with one admitting: 'Humans would pay for brows like yours.'

His fans absolutely adore the cat’s perennially sassy expression of concern (above), with one admirer even going so far as to confess, “I’d give anything for eyebrows as fabulous as yours.”

Karen began posting pictures of Cornelius (above) online in 2018, and the cute feline now boasts more than six thousand followers

In 2018, Karen took it upon herself to start sharing adorable pictures of her cat, Cornelius, online. Little did she know that this charming feline would quickly amass over six thousand followers. One user couldn’t help but compliment Cornelius’s sassy expression, jokingly remarking that humans would pay for eyebrows like his. Another admirer described him as a true gentleman. Karen, proud owner of Cornelius, attested that his one-of-a-kind appearance is perfectly matched by his vibrant personality. She shared, “Cornelius has a big personality and craves attention, but he also has a gentle and affectionate nature.”

According to his owner, beloved Cornelius (pictured) actually has a big personality to match his unique looks

As per the testimonial of his owner, the incredible Cornelius (captured in the image) possesses an immense personality that perfectly complements his one-of-a-kind appearance.

Karen said: 'Cornelius (pictured) has a big personality and loves to be at the centre of the attention, but he's also a sweet, affectionate cat'

In Karen’s words, she described Cornelius as a charismatic feline who thrives on attention. Not only does he possess a charming personality, but he also has a loving and tender nature. He is fond of tagging along wherever his humans go, as well as seeking comfort by curling up on their laps or snuggling up beside them. Unlike many cats, Cornelius finds joy in being embraced and carried by his beloved humans.

Known as a Bombay cat, Cornelius lives up to the nickname “velcro cat,” as he tends to be extremely affectionate and clingy. Karen further explained that he relies heavily on their presence and dislikes being left alone or unnoticed. In fact, he becomes quite anxious whenever he senses Karen’s intention to depart without him.

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