Today is my birthday hope I get some love here

Today is my 18th birthday. Where has the time gone? As I lay here, no festive decorations or cards in sight, I feel a pang of sadness. My human is away and it seems everyone has forgotten me today. But I try to stay hopeful.

Firstly, I’m blessed to have reached 18 years old. That’s ancient for a cat! While it’s lonely today, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy many happy birthdays over the years surrounded by loved ones, good food, and fun toys. I cherish those memories even if today is quiet.

I’m also blessed to have a human who does their best for me. They make sure I’m comfortable and taken care of when they’re here. If they could be with me today, I know they would. I try not to judge them for needing to take a trip without me right now. Our bond remains strong despite the distance.

This past year brought small delights — lazy mornings sunbathing, playtime with catnip mice, exploring the backyard. While my birthday celebrations may be modest as I get older, life’s simple pleasures still bring me joy. I focus on those today.

Maybe next year my birthday will be more lively, or maybe the years of big parties are behind me. As long as I’m surrounded by care and affection, the details don’t matter. I’m touched by anyone who spares me a warm thought on this solitary birthday. I’m never truly alone when people hold me in their hearts.

While my birthday lacks festivities this year, I’m grateful for each one I’ve been given so far. I celebrate the love that has carried me through 18 years of life’s ups and downs. Even in solitude, I know my next year holds possibility. I am old but not forgotten – today and all days.

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