Get to know Potato: The Endearing Earless Feline Rescued from the Streets and Conquering Social Media

Meet Potato, the adorable rescue cat who had to undergo ear removal surgery due to persistent tumors. He used to live as a stray in China with his furry friend Horlick and some other street cats. After being rescued, Carl Leong and his wife adopted Horlick and later decided to go back for Potato, who still had both his ears at the time. Unfortunately, their previous caregiver passed away in 2016, and a local cat shelter took them in. In 2018, Carl and his wife visited the shelter and chose Potato to be Horlick’s companion again. However, the shelter discovered that Potato had ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals and flaps. To closely monitor his condition and give him a comfortable home, they became Potato’s foster parents. Despite his health issues, Potato remains a sweet and lovable cat.

Potato the adorable earless cat

A type of ear tumor called ceruminous adenoma can result in discomfort, hearing impairment, and tinnitus if not treated. Though it required a three-hour operation to remove his ears, the hearing of a domestic mixed shorthair was preserved. Sadly, the tumor resurfaced even more severely later on, and after consulting with a veterinarian, it was determined that the best course of action was to eliminate the ear canals and flaps to prevent further occurrences and reduce suffering. Despite being benign, the feline’s owners knew it was necessary because he was experiencing pain and frequently scratched his ears and head, causing external wounds and bleeding. Inflammation was additionally observed in his ear canals. The procedure went well, and Potato, as he is affectionately known, recuperated nicely. After surgery, the couple officially adopted him.

Potato the adorable earless cat

This guy named Potato is quite a character. After having some stitches, he was able to heal and now he’s living his best life with his forever family. Interestingly enough, he and his brother have become influencers on Instagram with a following of 17,500 under the account name @no_ear_meow_potato. Their profile is filled with adorable photos of them both. Potato’s hearing may have been affected by the injury, but fortunately, he is still responsive and hasn’t experienced any noticeable side effects. Despite his street cat background, Potato is actually very lovable and playful once he warmed up to his new home.

Potato the adorable earless cat

At first, he was timid, but with time, he opened up and became a lively and outgoing feline. This adorable kitty has captured the hearts of many on Instagram, spreading positivity and joy to his followers. The owner believes that social media should be used to spread happiness and love. Moreover, the couple hopes to inspire others to adopt instead of purchasing pets, particularly since this particular breed is frequently homeless in Hong Kong. Do you have a heartwarming tale to tell?

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