The fight of a brave husky to survive against all odds on the train tracks (video)

An employee at a transportation station received a call from the Paws Show program. They said there was a dog shelter under the station bridge in terrible condition. She reported that this brave pup has been here for three days (so far). They were more than 100 kilometers and two hours away…

A feeling of sadness affected him. He was destroyed by the train. That was a beautiful father. He is going through a lot of hardship and probably won’t be able to survive. Therefore, we will save whatever we have.

“We are on a path towards Vet. Honestly, he’s an exceptionally kind father, even when he’s intimidated by her. Now what to do? Everything happened. Therefore, the focus in therapy is сгᴜсіаɩ.

He’s at the vet. Everything was worse than ever. The tip was fractured. The greatest difficulty is that the injury has been discovered, examined or re-evaluated. These are serious, threatening and deadly cases. We have called it Vova…

Vova’s collaboration was considered extremely problematic…

During day two yesterday, the cow vomited twice after hearing those voices, and I became very scared because I was afraid that the creature might vomit again.

After twenty-two days, he receives physical therapy three times a week. I have received help to obtain it, although it is still very fragile.

About three months after 100, I was comfortable in the wheel seat for the first time, but I was still very amazed because life is more valuable today. The boy left home and will have a better life thanks to everyone for helping him.


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