Residents Hear a Kitten Outside, Look All Over for Her Until They Find Her Stowed Away in a Hole

Residents heard a kitten outside their house and looked all over for her until they found the kitten stowed away in a hole.

cute kitten pantherKikie the kitten@comrescuemontreal

Genevieve and Stella were at home when they heard a kitten outside, in the direction of their balcony. The meowing went on and off but never ceased.

The residents decided to investigate and traced the sound beneath the balcony. As they looked all over the area, trying to locate the kitten, they noticed a small hole.

When they peered inside, they saw a tiny ball of fur and then heard the cries.

orphan kitten tinyShe was found stowed away in a hole under a balcony@comrescuemontreal

The kitten was inside the hole, all alone. She likely had been born there but somehow got left behind. “They knew the kitten was calling for her mom who was nowhere in sight,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared with Love Meow.

“They waited to see if the mom would come back, but after 24 hours, the kitten was still alone.”

tiny kitten bottleShe latched to her bottle and started eating@comrescuemontreal

They decided it was time to intervene and extricate the kitten from the narrow hole. “It took a few hours but they were able to get her out safely.”

At barely two weeks old, the kitten was very tiny and hungry. Her eyes were covered in gunk, and she didn’t have enough strength to keep her head up.

kitten tiny orphanShe was given a cozy, warm bed and plenty of TLC@comrescuemontreal

Genevieve and Stella placed the kitten in a makeshift nest to keep her warm. They got some kitten formula and started feeding her through a syringe.

The kitten was fragile and needed round-the-clock care. Hoping to get her the best chance at survival, they reached out to Celine and her team for assistance.

kitten tiny scaleKikie started to make good gains every day@comrescuemontreal

“They contacted us and traveled all the way to bring the kitten to us in Montreal. The kitten was named Kikie and she was very small.”

Celine took on the bundle of fur and ensconced her in a heated, cozy nest. She took Kikie everywhere she went to keep up with the demanding feeding schedule, every two hours around the clock.

kitten warm carrierCeline took the kitten everywhere so she could keep up with round-the-clock feeding@comrescuemontreal

Celine was cautiously optimistic, taking one day at a time until Kikie was strong enough to suckle from a bottle on her own. “She would make the cutest tiny meows if the bottle didn’t arrive right away,” Celine share.

“She started to make good gains each day. After getting a full belly, she would purr and fall asleep in her warm bed.”

cute house panther kitten@comrescuemontreal

Kikie has turned out to be a ravenous eater and is taking to her bottle like a champ. She has since grown by leaps and bounds and her personality is emerging.

While she enjoys staying in the comfort of her nest, she’s starting to be more active and explorative.

tiny fluffy kittenKikie is starting to explore@comrescuemontreal

Kikie adores people and loves to be held, babied and carried around by her foster mom.

Now that she is strong enough to run and climb, she has discovered many new lounging places and claimed every pillow she touches.

cute kitten fluffy kikie@comrescuemontreal

Kikie has become very attached to her people and insists on tagging along with them even on car rides. She is fearless, laid-back and wants to know everything Celine is doing, a supervisor in the making.

She looks at her people with her big doe eyes, sometimes with her mouth slightly agape revealing her baby teeth.

cute kitten baby teeth@comrescuemontreal

“She was so lucky to have been found just in time when she was outside without a mother,” Celine told Love Meow.

Kikie is thriving in foster care and blossoming into a beautiful panther kitty and a little charmer.

cute kitten kikie teeth@comrescuemontreal

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