Couple Finds a Kitten in Their Yard and Their Tortoise Comes Out of His Burrow with a Second One

A couple found a kitten in their backyard, and their tortoise came out of his burrow with a second one.

tiny kittens seal pointsPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

About six weeks ago, a couple from Las Vegas found a kitten in their backyard without a mother in sight. They reached out to their local animal rescuer for help. Patricia Lika received their plea and immediately responded.

“To my surprise when I got there, there were two kittens. The homeowners have a rescue tortoise in their backyard who came out of hibernation and brought out the kitten with him,” Patricia told Love Meow.

For a while, they weren’t aware that there were kittens born inside the burrow.

kittens born in tortoise burrowA couple found a kitten in their backyard and more inside the tortoise burrowPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

Their camera footage showed that the cat mother was last seen three days prior to the discovery of the kittens.

“We determined that the mama had the kittens inside, and they stayed there safe until one day she didn’t return. That’s when one kitten made it out. They were so shocked to find a single kitten in their backyard until the tortoise pushed out a second one.”

kitten found tortoise burrowPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

There was a third kitten way in the back, and they couldn’t reach him. The burrow was about five feet deep and another foot to the side, in which the kitten had taken refuge.

They used a baby monitor and placed it in the burrow to keep an eye on the movement of the kitten. As soon as they spotted the kitten on the monitor, they leapt into action. “He moved far enough for us to reach in with a pole and grab him.”

tiny kittens purr pileAll three kittens arrived in foster care and were cared for around the clockPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

They kept the monitor on for a period of time to ensure that there were no more kittens. “We continued to monitor the cameras for mama, but unfortunately she has never made it back.”

The trio, Marshmallow, Bisquick and Stormtrooper, arrived in foster care with Patricia. After getting some food in their bellies, they felt so much better and even started kneading away on their soft blanket.

siamese kittens cutePatricia @fosterkittensvegas

They started moving their legs, rolling around, wresting with each other with newfound energy. “Over the next few days, they got used to their new routine and had no trouble adjusting to the formula.”

The three roly-polies were eager for their bottles and didn’t hold back voicing their “opinions” at meal time.

vocal kitten talkativePatricia @fosterkittensvegas

“They love belly rubs and want to be held. Two are very vocal and love being babied all the time.”

The feline brothers have grown by leaps and bounds and moved into a spacious playpen. They like to zoom around and chase each other, all while honing their pouncing and climbing skills.

tiny shoulder kittenPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

As soon as Patricia walks into the room, they all come running, vying for her attention. They will climb on her shoulder, curl up on her lap or nuzzle into her arms, soaking up the love.

“They are such snuggly bugs. They love people and attention. Belly rubs are their favorite.”

kitten snuggly hugsPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

The kittens are about 8-9 weeks old, becoming a boisterous, inquisitive bunch. When they are big enough for adoption, they will be neutered and look for their forever loving home.

trio kittens seal pointPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

Patricia went to rescue a kitten from a backyard but ended up saving three that had been born in a tortoise burrow.

The kittens have blossomed into gorgeous young cats with beautiful personalities.

sweet lap kittenPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

The trio will never have to spend another day outside, and will always have a warm lap to sit on.

lap kittens seal pointPatricia @fosterkittensvegas

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