Mommy Cat Adopts Three Orphaned Kitties After Losing All Three of Her Own

Mikey is quite the amazing momma cat who unfortunately lost all three of her own kittens. She found happiness again when she was given three orphan kittens who were in need of a new mama.

These three abandoned kittens look like mini copies of Mikey, same coloring and markings almost exactly

The eight month old rescued mama cat was depressed having lost her own kittens. Unable to bear to see Mikey suffer, Hillary called Dori’s Darlings, a cat rescue organization in Houston for help and advice.

At the same time, a foster mom by the name of Amanda was caring for three little baby kittens that she just received three days ago. These kittens were just a few days old. Their umbilical cords were still attached.

Amanda and another volunteer, Kelli, were feeding and caring for the kittens around the clock as required. When they learned about Mikey’s story, they offered to bring the kittens to the grieving mother cat to see if it would be a match.

“I have some babies for you so you can be a mommy again,”<
Amanda said to Mikey. (Huffington Post)

Immediately after Amanda placed the kittens in front of the cat mother, Mikey started hugging and grooming them as if they were hers. After a good bath session, Mikey laid down on her side and let the kittens nurse from her.

The fact that the kittens look like their adoptive cat mom is just one of the many reasons that it seems all they belong with each other.

“This was just an awful thing she went through (losing all of her babies) and this will be healing for her,” Amanda said.

It was indeed a match made in heaven.

Mikey just adores her new babies. She cuddles them, bathes them and even falls asleep with them.

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