Meet Zoe, an adorable feline who wears her heart on her chest – literally!

Everybody, meet Zoe, the cat who quite literally wears her heart on her chest and who has now become an Internet sensation thanks to it. The cat has managed to amass an impressive following on social media. With almost 350,000 followers on Instagram alone, Zoe is now a raising start in the internet community. But it wasn’t always this way.

Believe it or not, Zoe’s special markings actually went unnoticed until her current owners first met her at the adoption center where the cat was kept. What’s more, Zoe’s owners were actually there to adopt her sister but kitten Zoë charmed them into adopting her as well.

Seeing the cat’s big heart patch, they just fell in love with her and decided to offer both sisters a forever home. As Zoe grew, so did her heart – literally. The beautiful marking on her chest become more and more visible, so the cat’s owners decided to share the cat’s beautiful pattern with the rest of the world.

That was the beginning of Zoe becoming an Internet sensation. And although, she is the one gaining most attention, her sister Izzy also has fans of her own. And Izzy and Zoe have no problem sharing the spotlight! That’s in spite of the fact that the two felines have very different personalities.

Zoe is more cautious and laid-back while Izzy is always up for an adventure. But at the end of the day, all they really care about is playing and taking long naps together.

Watch the adorable kitten here!

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