Kitten from Backyard Truly Shines This Christmas with the Help of His Bonded Brother and a Playful House Cat

A kitten from a backyard truly shone this Christmas with the help of his bonded brother and a playful house cat.

cute white kitten blue eyesDewdropEllenRichter

Last month, two kittens were found in a backyard, one of which was in poor shape. Ellen Richter, an animal rescuer and foster carer, received a call about the pair needing urgent help.

The smaller one, Dewdrop, had an eye infection and was covered in filth. He was about seven weeks old but didn’t know how to use a litter box.

His brother, Dinkles, was extremely friendly, outgoing, and social. He was treated for stomach troubles but otherwise full of energy, romping around his new space and trying to get Dewdrop to play.

sweet kittens rescueThey were found in a backyardEllenRichter

Ellen tended to Dewdrop’s eyes and gave him a thorough cleaning. After a week of round-the-clock care, Dewdrop could see and breathe much easier. His energy levels also improved.

He started to act like a normal kitten, showing interest in playing and exploring.

kitten wrapped in blanketEllenRichter

“Both are using the litter box and are energetic. Dewdrop still has moments where loud noises make him nervous, but each day gets better,” Ellen shared.

Dewdrop follows his brother on his heels when they play and seeks him out for comfort. “He is very dependent on Dinkles for confidence and feeling comfortable.”

sweet tuxedo cute kittenDinkles the tuxedo kittenEllenRichter

At nine weeks old, Dewdrop finally reached the two-pound mark, about half a pound less than his brother. Ellen upgraded them into a spacious suite with plenty of room to create antics together.

For a while, Dewdrop would run and hide when Ellen entered the room. Eventually, he warmed up to his foster mom only with Dinkles by his side.

sweet white kittenDewdrop looked much better after a week in foster careEllenRichter

“These two are so opposite in personalities. Dinkles is nonstop energy, and Dewdrop loves to watch first and then dive in. They are bonded brothers.”

Matisse, another cat in Ellen’s care, was drawn to the commotion from the kitten room. He came to watch the two through a baby gate and was eager to join them.

sweet cute kittens kissesThey are bonded brothersEllenRichter

He worked up the courage and jumped over the gate to play with the kittens. After a sniff test, they started streaking through tunnels and bouncing off walls with gravity-defying leaps and acrobatic twists.

The room became a concerto of purrs, chirps, thumps of paws, and the crinkle of the tunnels.

cat kitten playingMatisse the cat came to the kitten room and started playing with the two brothersEllenRichter

“Everyone hit it off right away. I was shocked at how confident Dewdrop was with Matisse, and he’s becoming more outgoing each day.”

The three kitties enjoy each other’s company and often play for hours.

cute kittens playfulEllenRichter

Even the resident cat, Clicky, has stopped by to observe the trio tearing through the room mischievously. “The kittens are intrigued and will sit by the baby gate and interact with Clicky.”

Dewdrop has come a long way and is no longer that frail kitten they saw on day one. His brother has been his biggest cheerleader, helping him build courage.

kittens christmas houseThey are enjoying their first Christmas in their foster homeEllenRichter

“Dinkles is high energy, very social and outgoing, basically no fear. Dewdrop is quiet and shy, warming very slowly.”

The two brothers are having the time of their lives, running around with their friend Matisse as they welcome Christmas with open hearts and shared cheer.

sweet kittens ChristmasBest of friendsEllenRichter

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