Cranberry the Kitten from Living on the Street to Now Napping on a Warm Bed, Her Wish Just Came True

Cranberry, the kitten, went from living on the street to napping on a warm bed. Her Christmas wish just came true.

panther kitty meowy christmasCranberry the kittenPuppyKitty NYCity

Cranberry, the kitten, was born outside and spent the first couple of months of her life scrounging for food and shelter. She came across a Good Samaritan who gave her food and showed her kindness.

With the help of volunteers from PuppyKitty NYCity, an animal rescue, the kitten was scooped up from the street a few days after Thanksgiving and taken into the rescue for a chance at a better life.

Cranberry was immediately friendly with every person she met. She was pleased to have a roof over her head and all the food she could devour.

panther kitty cute kittenCranberry lived on the street, fending for herself until she was rescued a few days after ThanksgivingPuppyKitty NYCity

Hoping to get her into a comfortable home where she could be socialized, the rescue arranged for a foster family to take her on the journey.

Cranberry quickly settled into her new space and made herself at home. She was drawn to the soft blankets and comfy beds, started playing with toys, and ventured around, checking every nook and cranny.

panther kitty cute black kittenShe was sweet and friendly, and so happy to have a roof over her headPuppyKitty NYCity

The kitten discovered a sink in a bathroom that she could roll around in or comfortably perch on. In no time, she turned it into her feline throne.

The little panther kitty was adventurous and playful and quickly won over all the volunteers with her adorable personality.

cute black kitten sinkCranberry turned a bathroom sink into her thronePuppyKitty NYCity

She appreciated the little things and was excited about all the fun discoveries in her foster home. She ran and jumped, tearing around the place with reckless abandon.

She would never go another day cold and hungry with numerous beds to choose from and plenty of food to feast on.

cute black kitten sink bedShe melted everyone’s heart with her endearing personalityPuppyKitty NYCity

As Christmas fast approached, Cranberry watched her people decorate their Christmas tree. She observed with curious wide eyes as the twinkling lights turned on and ornaments glistened.

Cranberry nestled under the tree on a blanket between her trusty plushies, Santa and Reindeer, reveling in the holiday spirit.

cute black kitten christmas treeCranberry was mesmerized by all the toys and lightsPuppyKitty NYCity

It was only a few weeks ago that Cranberry was found roaming the street and fending for herself. Now, she had a full belly, lots of comfort, and the warm company of her foster family.

Right before Christmas, Cranberry received the best news she had been waiting for.

stray kitten panther kittyJust a few weeks ago, she was roaming the street, scrounging for food and shelterPuppyKitty NYCity

“Cranberry’s Christmas wish came true. She is officially adopted and just in time for Christmas,” the rescue shared in an update.

With the support of the public, PuppyKitty NYCity was able to take in many homeless cats and kittens like Cranberry and turn their lives around this holiday season.

cute black kitten santa snuggleShe is now in a comfortable home with boundless food and soft blanketsPuppyKitty NYCity

Cranberry is over the moon about her new life, filled with boundless food, treats, toys, soft things, snuggles, and joyous laughter.

She will be ringing in the New Year with her forever humans in a place she calls home.

cute kitten snuggle toysCranberry and her trusty snuggle toys, Santa and ReindeerPuppyKitty NYCity

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