Cat Went from Hopping Around in Parking Lot to Hogging Every Chair in the Office, Living the Good Life

A cat went from hopping around in a parking lot to hogging every chair in the office, living the good life.

cat lounging on chairBrock the catRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

A gray tabby cat was found hopping around on three legs in the parking lot of an apartment complex. One of his paws was so swollen that he couldn’t put weight on it.

A Good Samaritan, who helps local strays whenever they can, decided to rescue him and get him treated. “They didn’t have to lure him. He just let them scoop him up and carry him home,” Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue shared with Love Meow.

“When he was in their care, his favorite things were trying to eat all the food in the house and lying on the end table by the couch so he could watch TV with them.”

cat stray rescueRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

From the start, the cat, Brock, was a character and an adept attention-seeker. He brought laughter and joy wherever he went.

Hoping to get him the best care and find him a loving home, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue took him in. “He is one sweet and big boy.”

happy smiley cat sleepingRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

He immediately made an impression on the staff and volunteers. His expressive face and confident, affectionate disposition commanded their attention. As his paw healed, his personality really shone.

Brock insisted on spending most of his time with people and was very persuasive.

cat loves chairRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

A few weeks ago, he began hanging out with staff in the office, “supervising” their work. “He became our designated office cat, and that’s when he started stealing chairs from us.”

If someone leaves their chair unattended for a minute, they will return to find Brock sprawling out comfortably on the swivel seat as if it were his throne.

cat stealing chair officeHe steals chairs and melts heartsRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Brock looks so comfy, sometimes fast asleep on his back, that they don’t have the heart to disturb him. They resort to standing, finding another chair, or contorting their body to reach their desk.

When Brock isn’t hogging chairs or sleeping at work, he’s exploring, seeking pets, or playing his heart out.

cat loves chairHe is quite a characterRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Whenever someone enters the office, Brock greets them warmly with a cute meow or chirp and requests for pets.

When he receives a good petting, he melts with his mouth agape as if he’s grinning from ear to ear.

happy smiling catHe looks as if he’s smiling whenever he’s pettedRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

“He is a very goofy and silly cat with a very expressive face. He loves pets, treats, and playtime. He does well with other cats but would prefer to be the only dominant male.”

Brock is around eight years old and FIV+ but can live a long, normal, happy, and healthy life with regular vet visits and preventative care.

cat chair big yawnBrock and his throneRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

“He spends most of his day lying around, stealing chairs, slacking on work, and playing. Although he’s a little older, he doesn’t let that stop him from hogging attention and getting some playtime in.”

cats office chairBrock commandeered a chair, and his feline buddy took over the deskRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Brock’s daily chair pilfering is a constant source of amusement, putting a big smile on people’s faces.

“He has been an absolute joy since he arrived and has been nothing but a love bug.”

cat sleeping in office chairRocky Mountain Feline Rescue

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