Cat in Basement Comes Running and Clinging to Kind People as Her Life is About to Get a Whole Lot Better

A cat found in a basement came running and clinging to kind people, as her life was about to get a whole lot better.

fluffy tabby cat snugglyPenelope (now Sage)SaintSpiro Cat Rescue

A husband and wife rescue team at SaintSpiro Cat Rescue was informed about a cat living in a basement, in desperate need of help.

“The cat was abandoned by someone in a 60-apartment building basement. It was filthy and dark,” Spiros shared with Love Meow. A resident unlocked the door so they could get the cat.

When they saw the fluffy tabby, they were amazed by how friendly she was. “She is extremely innocent and trustful towards humans. She had no clue what was happening to her.”

rescued catShe was found abandoned in a basementSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

At the sight of the rescuers, the cat made a beeline for them and rubbed up against them as if she was starved of love.

She was so excited that she plopped herself on the floor, rolling around before getting back up for more snuggles. Her purr reverberated throughout the basement.

happy tabby catShe was so excited, rubbing up against her rescuerSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

They named her Penelope. She brushed against the carrier the couple had brought in and begged them to pick her up and hold her. “We got her just in time before the building management was about to put her on the street.”

At the vet’s office, Penelope won over every staff member she encountered with her rumbling purr and sweet disposition.

sweet fluffy tabbyShe was very friendly with everyone at the vet’sSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

She lay comfortably on her side and revealed her belly so the vet could examine her. “She loves human interaction.”

While on her way home, she curled up in her rescuer’s arms and purred up a storm. “She was calm, sitting on my wife’s lap, enjoying the car ride. She even fell asleep the last couple of miles home.”

sweet tabby cat sleepingShe fell asleep on her ride homeSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

Penelope quickly settled into foster care and made herself right at home. She wanted to be where her people were, following them everywhere around the house. Her purr motor seemed to go on forever.

She craved company 24/7 as if trying to make up for lost time.

tabby fluffy catSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

With her friendly personality and deep affection for people, the rescue hoped to find Penelope a home where she would be loved and spoiled and never have to spend a day alone.

A family came across Penelope’s story on social media and fell head over heels for the sweet girl.

happy tabby cat toySaintSpiro Cat Rescue

They had two cats and a loving senior Golden Retriever and thought the little tabby would be the perfect addition.

Within minutes after Spiros met the family, he knew they were the right fit.

happy tabby cat homePenelope, now Sage, has found her forever homeSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

Penelope, now Sage, has adjusted beautifully to her new home and is a ray of sunshine wherever she graces. She’s a people cat and a social butterfly with other animals. She’s getting on swimmingly with her feline and canine siblings.

Sage enjoys her feline entertainment on the big-screen TV.

tabby cat watching tvSage loves her feline entertainment on the big TVSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

She supervises her humans when they go up and down the stairs. She runs around the house, demanding attention from everyone, never missing a beat.

“Sage has been treated like a princess at her forever home from day one.”

tabby cat fluffyShe’s a little supervisor in the houseSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

It’s been an incredible journey for Sage, from being abandoned in a dirty, dark basement to living the best life in a comfortable home with a big family that loves her endlessly.

fluffy tabby catHappy and lovedSaintSpiro Cat Rescue

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