Cat Seen ‘Knocking’ on the Door of Building Gets Her Wish After Two Days of Waiting

A cat seen “knocking” on the door of a building got her wish after two days of waiting.

tuxedo cat blanketKnock Knock (aka Willow)Ryan

A resident contacted Little Wanderers NYC about a black and white cat sitting at the entrance of a building. The cat had been abandoned and tried to find her way home.

“She was ‘knocking’ at the door, but nobody let her in. She’d been outside ‘for two days,'” Little Wanderers NYC shared. A volunteer for the rescue rushed to the location when she learned about the situation.

While on her way, a local community member came to check on the cat and stayed with her until help arrived. “We couldn’t turn a blind eye. It was cold, rainy, and wet.”

stray cat doorShe was found sitting outside the entrance of a buildingLittle Wanderers NYC

The rescuer came with a carrier that night, and the cat “pretty much went straight in.” Nora, another volunteer, took her to the vet the next day to get her the medical attention she needed.

The cat was weary and shy but relieved to have escaped the rain and cold. When she received pets for the first time from Nora, she leaned into her for more.

cat waiting outsideLittle Wanderers NYC

“She always responded to a kind hand even when she was shy. She let me pet her in the carrier and at the vet’s office. You could tell she wanted a loving and patient place to call her own,” Nora shared with Love Meow.

Meanwhile, Little Wanderers NYC was seeking a foster family who could open their home and give the cat named Knock Knock a soft landing.

cat rescued carrierNora

A kind-hearted couple who had previously fostered for the rescue stepped up to help.

Knock Knock (also known as Willow) was a bit nervous and reserved when she arrived, still adjusting to the changes from the outdoors.

cat rescued petsShe was a bit shy at firstNora

“She had just come from a building that assisted people living with an assortment of needs/issues. She was trying to get back inside. When we finally got her inside, she realized it was not her normal comfortable home,” Ryan shared with Love Meow.

She took refuge next to her litter box whenever she felt overwhelmed.

sweet cat snugglyOnce she was petted, she leaned in for moreNora

Ryan, who works from home, spent ample time sitting with her, reassuring her that she was safe. With lots of patience, Knock Knock started to come out of her shell.

“She opened up enough for us to see some of her sweet personality.”

cat snuggly indoorsA wonderful couple took her in to foster. With patience and love, she came aroundRyan

She found solace and security in a tent bed, her little sanctuary. She stuck her head out of the cubbyhole to watch her foster dad. When he approached her, she sauntered right out for head scratches.

Over the following weeks, Knock Knock blossomed into a confident and talkative cat.

sweet cat supervisorShe likes to demand affection and has a lot to sayRyan

The couple wakes up in the morning to her eager trill meows, demanding attention and breakfast. “She is even louder when she yells at her stuffies. She bunny kicks them and always finds a cozy, quiet place to rest.”

She enjoys sitting on her blankets and watching her humans go about their day. She has a favorite sunspot by the window to bask in the warm rays and scan the world outside.

cat blanket windowShe enjoys basking in the sun by the windowRyan

“She’s trying to get along with our resident cats but seems to prefer being a solo cat.”

She has a piercing stare that looks like she’s judging your every move, but she’s just waiting for the opportunity to seek affection or start a “conversation.”

playful cat happyRyan

It takes a village to save a cat. With the help of many volunteers, Knock Knock is inside and happy and will have a lifetime of love and comfort she so deserves.

sweet cat tuxedoRyan

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