A neglected Labrador, abused and abandoned, deformed and unwanted, finally finds love exactly as he is.

According to statistics, nearly 1.5 million abandoned and mistreated dogs are killed every year. Beaux , a cute Labrador with a disfigured face, had to meet his awful fate until his current owner saw him and decided to give him a home and all the love he deserved.

We at Bright Side feel that Beaux’s tale is extremely lovely and motivating, which is why we decided to relay it to you today

After sharing his mother’s womb with six siblings, Beaux was born with a malformed cranium. Even though this disease never impaired his motor abilities, no one ever wanted to acquire this sad pup from his breeders. He was finally given away, but it didn’t necessarily improve his life for the better.

The people that adopted Beaux were careless towards him, and let him to live alone in the garden, attached to a chain. He never received any attention, and he was not even treated for fleas. And finally, when his owners decided to move out, they had Beaux adopted after having maintained him that way for five years. That’s where Jamie met him.

According to Jamie, when she went to visit Beaux after coming across the online adoption posting, she was “horrified” by what she saw. He was exceedingly thin, he weighed just 19 kg and he was full with parasites.

Jamie fell in love with the puppy, and she got him treated quickly. Beaux was sick with the “heartworm”, but he was too thin to receive adequate treatment. Jamie then assisted him through it, taking the required time, and Beaux is now joyful than ever.

After being ignored for all these years, Beaux is finally getting the love and care he deserves. And like many people, he likes tacos ! He also has an older brother, Riley , who is 15 and gets on well with him. He spends his time playing with him, strolling with his human mom and snuggling.

And you, have you ever adopted a dog? What do you think about Beaux’s story? Leave your remarks and photographs in the comments, and share this post with the people around you!

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