A mother is moved to tears as her newly adopted shelter dog shows gratitude on their way home, creating heartwarming moments and forging unforgettable bonds.

Dogs love to be adopted! It’s Mother Nature’s fault; no one wants to live without folks or family! The dog in the video above expresses his gratitude to his saviour.

The adoptive puppy sat in the passenger seat and decided to demonstrate his appreciation to his new mom.

When he nuzzled his face against the woman’s arm, his reaction was wonderful. The mom then began to cry, and the puppy attempted to console her!

View the video below.

A neglected Labrador, abused and abandoned, deformed and unwanted, finally finds love exactly as he is.

Abandoned at the shelter, a pregnant mama dog, nine weeks along, proceeds to give birth to 14 precious puppies, painting a touching picture of new beginnings and optimism rising from a past of neglect.