A miraculous change: an abandoned puppy comes out of a coma with loving care

Francis was aban.doned in a cardboard box on the side of the road. They thought he was d.e.a.d, but then this miracle happened.

On a freezing Winter night, a few saw a cardboard box by the side of the road near a dumpster in their neighborhood. They decided to see out the mysterious box and quickly found a puppy lying inside. He seemed like he was dead, but he wasn’t. this is often Francis’ story:When he was found, Francis was cold and really still and thought to be dead. Luckily, the couple noticed that the pup appeared to be breathing.

Francis was delivered to the local no-kill animal shelter, Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA) which may be a no-kill animal rescue in Jackson, Mississippi. A visit to the vet confirmed that, while the pup was alive, he was trapped during a deep coma.

Though he was non-responsive, the people at CARA did everything they might to bring him back to health. He was kept warm and cozy . And, on Valentine’s Day, a celebration was held in his honor.

“We were lucky enough to be chosen to adopt this special dog that had become such a star. But to us, he’s just Francis, a sweet, loving dog with many energy that likes to run and play outside, nap on the sofa, and live the life we might hope all homeless animals could find.

Our family wouldn’t be complete without him; he has such a lot love for people because it’s the love of individuals that saved him.”

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