Woman Opened Her Door to Stray Cat and Found Kittens in Her Closet Days Later

A kind woman opened her home to a friendly stray cat and found a litter of kittens in her closet days later.

Aberdeen the cat mom and her kittensEllen Richter

A 95-year-old resident, Blanche, from Las Vegas noticed a grey cat in her backyard one day, scrounging around for food. The tabby was dirty and just skin and bones.

“The cat had a really bad looking ear, and the lady knew she wasn’t being cared for,” Ellen Richter, a foster volunteer of Vets for Abandoned Pets, told Love Meow. “She was extremely friendly from the very beginning.”

Blanche started to leave food and water for the cat and asked around to see if she belonged to a neighbor, but no one came to claim her.

She was found in the backyard all by herselfEllen Richter

Meanwhile, the cat’s belly grew larger by the day, and Blanche realized that she was pregnant. All the local rescues were full at the time, and no one was able to help her.

The kind lady couldn’t bear the thought of having the kittens born outside, so decided to take matters into her own hands. She brought the cat into her home and helped her settle into a quiet spot in the house.

“She tried to clean her with a damp towel. As a disabled senior citizen, Blanche had limited mobility but wanted to do the best for the cat (named Aberdeen). She knew Aberdeen depended on her,” Ellen shared with Love Meow.

Aberdeen gave birth to a litter of four in a closetEllen Richter

A few days later, Blanche woke up to quite the surprise. When she entered the walk-in closet, she found Aberdeen with four tiny additions nursing and kneading away on her. She immediately called her daughter for a helping hand.

“They cleaned the kittens, changed the blankets and made sure Aberdeen was well fed and given lots of hugs and kisses.”


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