Woman Finds a Strange Note in Her Cat’s Collar

Rex, the cat you’re seeing on the pics below, is an adorable fluffy cat who likes to take a daily walk around his block. Rex always comes back home to his owner Emily Crane at night – he spends his days wandering around the neighborhood, stealing pets (and possibly treats) from Emily’s neighbors.

Woman Finds a Strange Note in Her Cat’s Collar 1

Emily got Rex as a kitten and they’ve been together for 8 years. Rex always loved attention and is trying to get as much of it as possible even now. He asks all his neighbors for head scratches and they certainly oblige.

Woman Finds a Strange Note in Her Cat’s Collar 2

Emily was aware that Rex spends his days walking around the neighborhood, but had no idea what he was doing. She finally realized recently, when Rex came home with a note in his collar. The note was from the owners across the street in a red house, which only wanted to say hi and explain to Emily that Rex has an unusual love for their bathtub. He sneaks into their home every day and just chills inside the tub. Even though a bit ashamed by her cat’s behavior, Emily found the note very funny.

Woman Finds a Strange Note in Her Cat’s Collar 3


It’s not like they were complaining – they loved having Rex around. Emily is just happy that she lives in a close-knit community where she can let her cat roam free and have him back by night. Rex is pretty friendly with her neighbors, which is why everyone likes him so much to let the cat chill in bathtub.



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