Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When Scratched? 4 Reasons for this Behavior

As a cat owner, you have probably noticed many strange things about your pet, but the way they often stick their butt in the air when you scratch them is one of the most amusing. If you have noticed your cat exhibiting this behavior and would like to find out what causes it keep reading. We will look at several reasons your cat might be raising its butt, and we’ll also discuss if it’s a good or a bad thing to help you understand your pet better.

Reasons Cats Raise Their Butts When Scratched

1.They’re Enjoying It

The most likely reason your cat raises its butt when you scratch the base of its tail is that it enjoys it. Raising the butt can help bring the nerves closer to the surface, making the target easier to hit. Cats also tend to stand still when they do this, so you don’t need to chase after them. Our cats also tend to start purring with the raised butt, reinforcing the cat’s belief that it enjoys it.

Image Credit: nevodka, Shutterstock
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