When His Owner Surprises Him With A Room Full With Toilet Paper The Cat Freaks Out

Pusic was rescued from the streets of Belarus four years ago as a weak stray kitten. Pusic’s new home soon learned that, like many young cats, he had an odd obsession with toilet paper, which he enjoyed unrolling like a feline treadmill and devouring the fluffy mound that formed.

“When he was younger, he liked to play with it,” the cat’s father, Vyacheslav, told The Dodo. However, the cat was soon steered onto less obnoxious pastimes. Vyacheslav said, “Now he plays with toys.”

That said, it’s been a while now since Pusic has had unfettered access to his papery first love. So, as a sweet surprise, Vyacheslav decided to stage an epic reunion of sorts — filling an entire room with TP, all for Pusic’s amusement.

How’d the cat react? Well, he pretty much flipped out. Here’s that moment on video:

Vyacheslav added, “We did not expect such a reaction from him.” “I assumed he’d simply mess about with them, but something sparked in his mind. He was overjoyed to be able to play with toilet paper again, as if it were a childhood memory.”

Pusic may have been surrounded by toilet paper that day. But it’s evident from that kind gesture that he’s surrounded by affection at all times.

Vyacheslav began the clean-up procedure after allowing his cat to spend a few hours in the toilet paper-filled room. TP, on the other hand, has more practical applications, but Vyacheslav intends to preserve it for Pusic’s delight.

He stated, “We strive not to squander resources.” “The toilet paper will come in handy for future games and new cat toys,” says the narrator.




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