Uncovering Booger Roux: The Adored Cat in America with Special Skills ‎

Special needs cats often face numerous challenges that make their lives more difficult. This holds true for a remarkable feline named Booger Roux, who found himself in a similar predicament. Discovered alone and with a low likelihood of survival during the summer of 2014, Booger Roux’s prospects seemed grim. However, destiny had grander plans for this tiny kitten, and he simply needed to demonstrate his indomitable fighting spirit to overcome the odds.

According to his owner, Booger Roux entered our lives just in time to alleviate some of the stress we were experiencing. As devoted cat parents for more than two decades, my husband and I consider our feline companions to be our children, as we were unable to have biological children of our own.

Booger Roux seamlessly integrated into our cat family, and they all adore playing with him. In fact, some of them even take on the role of guardians, providing him with extra attention whenever he needs it.

Our veterinarian suspects that Booger Roux faced malnutrition while still in his mother’s womb, as she was a stray cat in our neighborhood and appeared to be malnourished. After more than a year of effort, we managed to capture her, and she was taken to the vet for proper care. In 2015, we were finally able to reunite her with Booger Roux, her precious offspring.

In a remarkable turn of events, Mr. Roux has recently been crowned as America’s Most Beloved Pet. The competition was intense, with numerous adorable and heartwarming feline contenders, but Booger Roux managed to emerge victorious. I had the pleasure of speaking with his owner, Lynne, to learn more about this endearing cat, whose expressive eyes seem to share a tale of their own.

When asked about how Booger Roux became a part of their lives, Lynne revealed that he was discovered as a special needs cat on a scorching summer afternoon. The poor creature was severely undernourished, weighing a mere 8 ounces, when they stumbled upon him on their back deck in July 2014. Since then, Booger Roux has defied all odds and conquered numerous hurdles.

How did you decide on his name?
My spouse took charge of naming our furry friends, including Booger Roux. According to Allan, if you give a cat enough time, they will reveal their name to you, and that’s exactly what happened.

What is his personality like?
Booger Roux is a bundle of energy, always ready for action. However, he does have a few quirks. Unlike regular cats, he doesn’t meow in the typical way. Additionally, he requires extra comfort and soothing, often relying on a ThunderShirt, especially during the night. Despite these challenges, he is highly intelligent and knows exactly how to communicate with us when he wants to play with his string toy or go for a spin on his Cat Wheel.

Are there any other furry companions living with Booger Roux? Booger Roux shares his home with a delightful bunch of 13 brothers and sisters, all of whom were rescued just like him. What’s something unique about him that you’d like everyone to know? During his early years, our veterinarian identified Booger Roux with “down syndrome-like” features, which contribute to his distinct appearance. However, this doesn’t hinder his ability to be a loving pet. In fact, he has become a precious source of therapy for both my disabled husband and me.

I want people to realize that appearances can be deceiving when it comes to pets. Despite his distinctive look, Booger Roux has displayed immense affection and love towards us. His presence has brought us immeasurable joy, and I truly believe it’s because of something extraordinary.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Allan and Lynne Melby for graciously giving me the opportunity to share the heartwarming story and adorable pictures of Booger Roux with all the wonderful readers of Cattitude Daily. It is truly inspiring to see individuals like them who are willing to give special needs cats a chance.
If you can’t resist the charm of this little sweetheart, don’t worry! You can stay updated with Booger Roux’s adventures by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

All Photos Provided by Booger Roux / Allan and Lynne Melby

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