10. British Short Hair($500-1500):

British Short Hair

British Short Hair is one of the most expensive cat breeds, You may have seen the British Shorthair cat in several vines and viral videos online. Known for its chunky body and broad face, British Shorthair isn’t only a popular breed among cat lovers but also a rich one. the price of British Shorthair runs from $500 to $1500 relying on where you decide to urge one. This breed is even popular to be used due to the inspiration in John Tenniel’s illustration for Alice in Wonderland.

This breed has been around for quite a while. Its origins are often traced to the primary century. it had been thought to be brought by Romans in Europe before it interbred with other cats in Europe to evolve to what it’s today.

9. Egyptian Mau ($700-1200):

Egyptian Mau

Next on our list of pricy cat breeds is that the Egyptian Mau. it’s a little to the medium-sized cat that’s known for its natural spots. Another breed that has this characteristic is that the Bahraini Dilmun Cat. What makes the Egyptian Mau’s spots unique is that the incontrovertible fact that it only appears on the tip of the coat. The Egyptian Mau was originated in 1952.

They thought that, the Egyptian Mau generated from Egypt. On the other hand, DNA shows otherwise. according to tests, it generated from North American and European roots. it is also believed that the Egyptian Mau is among the origins of the fashionable domestic cat. There are some notable differences in the physical attributes of the Egyptian Mau to other cats out there. Among the foremost noticeable are the shorter front legs.

How does one recognize the Egyptian Mau? it’s an extended, dark dorsal tape from the top to the tail of the backbone. As for the temperament of this particular cat, you’ll expect the Egyptian Mau to be friendly and constant, perfect for those with kids.

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