Three Kittens Made it Through Storm, After Nearly One Year of Waiting, They Received the Best News Together

Three kittens made it through a storm, and after nearly one year of waiting, they received the best news together.

snuggly kittensKittenNuggets

A litter of kittens was found outside, wet and cold. They had been born during a severe storm and left behind. Their finders immediately brought them in to dry and warm them.

Three of the kittens survived but were not out of the woods. They were a few days old, still with their eyes closed. When Jennifer of Kitten Nuggets (an all-volunteer rescue) received an urgent plea to help the trio, she sprang into action.

She treated the kittens for colds, fed them around the clock, and kept them warm in a cozy incubator.

kittens rescued stormThey were found wet and cold during a severe stormKittenNuggets

Despite being palm-sized, the kittens’ tenacity shone through. They responded to Jennifer’s voice at feeding time, rose from their warm nest, and lunged towards the smell of kitten formula.

The trio, Radley, Kingston, and Cavanaugh, motivated each other to eat more when they were fed together. “Often babies with a weaker latch or lazy latch may improve when in competition with siblings,” Jennifer shared.

newborn orphan kittensRadley, Kingston, and Cavanaugh pulled through together and started to thriveKittenNuggets

The kittens began to make steady gains with full meals and tender loving care. They took feeding very seriously and never wasted a drop of food.

Once they felt a pep in their step, they started exploring around with newfound curiosity.

kittens bottle feedingThey took to their bottle quickly and had voracious appetitesKittenNuggets

As soon as the kittens graduated into a playpen, they chased each other around, darting through the room and claiming every nook and cranny.

They did everything as a trio, eating, creating antics, and napping in a purr pile. There wasn’t a moment they weren’t together.

calico kitten sweetCavanaugh the calicoKittenNuggets

As they entered their boisterous kitten phase, their personalities lit up the room. At dinner, all three meowed loudly like a symphony, circling their foster mom until she placed the food in front of them.

With their ravenous appetites, there was never a dull moment at mealtime.

talkative calico ginger kittensRadley and CavanaughKittenNuggets

The trio entertained everyone in the house with triple the amount of mischief.

When they tired themselves out from a whirlwind of activity, they nestled together, weaving a perfectly cozy cuddle puddle.

playful kittens runningThey zoomed around the place like they owned itKittenNuggets

The three shared an adorable bond, and Jennifer hoped they would find a loving home together. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months.

The trio grew into beautiful young cats but had yet to find the special someone to come scoop them up.

gray kitten bottle feedingKingstonKittenNuggets

After nearly one year in a foster home, their patience paid off. The perfect application came in.

A woman fell head over heels for the trio and wanted to give all three the happily ever after they deserved. “It was definitely worth the wait.”

sweet gray cat cuteKingston is all grown upKittenNuggets

“They have an amazing new mom and a huge, gorgeous home to zoom around. I’ll miss their silly antics, but I’m so glad they found the perfect human who will spoil them silly.”

happy calico cat bedCavanaughKittenNuggets

The trio is spending their first Christmas in their forever home, enjoying all the festivities with their new mom.

sweet cat bedRadleyKittenNuggets

From being born in a storm to now romping around without a care, they will only know love and comfort from here on out.

cat happy attention seekerThey have found a loving home togetherKittenNuggets

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