This stray cat looks like a mini Puma, opens his heart, and discovers what it means to be loved.

Stray Cat Has the Appearance of a Mini Puma, Opens His Heart and Learns What It Means to Be Adored

A cat who has the appearance of a mini puma opened his heart and learned what it means to be adored.

tabby cat big cat face

LawrenceTabby’s Place

For years, Lawrence, the tabby cat, lived at an empty farm being cared for by a kind person. He’d learned to fend for himself outdoors and kept his distance from people. Behind his wary facade lay a sweet, gentle soul.

At 12 years old, he came to Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary, for the promise of a better life. His regal face and big paws gave the appearance of a big cat, a mini puma. He turned heads and attracted new admirers as staff ushered him into his new room.

“From the hour of his arrival, this noble senior tabby couldn’t hide his sweet spirit beneath his layers of worry,” Angela Townsend, development director of Tabby’s Place, told Love Meow.

stray tabby cat farm

He lived at an empty farm before he was rescuedLori via Tabby’s Place

Lawrence was timid but sweet as he began acclimating to the new world around him. With ample encouragement and time, he mustered the courage to seek affection. He pushed his face into his people while lifting his rear high in the air.

“He even let us gently groom him and trim his nails (although he hugged a comforting toy tightly as we did so).”

snuggly tabby cat

Lawrence hugged his comforting toyTabby’s Place

When he decided to take a leap of faith to trust, his purr engine erupted, and the walls around him began to fall. “He became our championship ‘muffin-maker,’ opening his brave heart to humans and felines alike.”

For the first time in his life, Lawrence was surrounded by comfort, company, and endless enrichment toys.

tabby cat puma face

Tabby’s Place

He had various napping options, from cubbies to beds to a mountain of blankets, to ensure uninterrupted sleep. Over time, “he learned what it means to be unconditionally adored.”

Majestic in appearance and tender on the inside, Lawrence needed a place to feel safe with someone who could bring him out of his shell.

cat face of big cat

He has the appearance of a big catTabby’s Place

After months at the sanctuary, the tabby lassoed the hearts of a dream family.

Mark and Susan met Lawrence last year on the day they adopted Rainey, the cat, from Tabby’s Place. As Lawrence remained on the adoption list, they never ceased thinking about him.

tabby cat big cat face

Tabby’s Place

They came back around the New Year, ready to adopt again. Lawrence immediately tugged at their heartstrings as if he’d been expecting them.

He went to his forever home with a feline companion named Yuki.

snuggly tabby cat

He loves rubbing his face against his peopleLori via Tabby’s Place

Lawrence was a bit nervous for the first few days but was reassured by a comfortable routine. He became very close to his people and showered them with love and affection like a kitten.

Several weeks passed, and Lawrence decided to assume the role of the dining room supervisor. Now, he watches as the action unfolds, especially in the adjacent kitchen. “He has a very keen interest in cooking and baking,” Mark and Susan shared.

tabby cat

The dining room supervisorMark and Susan

Whenever he wants attention and pets from his people, Lawrence burrows his face into their souls and makes biscuits with his big paws.

He may be a little older and move a bit slower, but he has a heart of gold.

happy tabby cat

Happy and lovedMark and Susan

The Kitten is ecstatic to be indoors, giving ‘Ernie time’ to everyone he meets and wanting to win them over.

Cat that was once described as “scared” now rules the apartment and even cohabits with another cat