The old cat was very grumpy until it met tiny foster kittens.

Mason is a 10-year-old male cat who lived on the streets and somewhat ferocious toward people. Shelly Roche, the founder of TinyKittens, thought he’d be miserable living inside a domestic home.

“нe waѕ one oғ oυr ѕpecιal oneѕ вecaυѕe нe нad a мaѕѕιve growтн on тнe вoттoм oғ нιѕ rιgнт paw. нιѕ тaιl нad вeen вroĸen мυlтιple тιмeѕ. нe нad a вυncн oғ ιnғecтιonѕ. нe needed eхтenѕιve denтal ѕυrgery. нe waѕ a ѕenιor caт wнo нad no veт care вaѕιcally нιѕ wнole lιғe,” rocнe тold тнe dodo.

“He’s been feral his whole life, so he’s never had any positive interactions with humans,” Roche said. “He sees us as predators, essentially.”

However, everything changed when Roche brought some kittens home. When the grumpy cat met the foster kittens for the first time, he fell in love with them. For this reason, he decided to become their grandpa to care for them until they can find forever homes.

“He’s like Grandpa,” Roche said. “The kids come over and they play and they get away with all sorts of shenanigans. If they got really, really obnoxious, he would put his paw on them and just hold them for a minute.”

“нe really jυѕт caмe alιve wнen тнey were aroυnd,” ѕнe added. “нe woυld play and ѕnυggle wιтн тнeм. ιғ тнey were all ѕleepιng on one oғ тнe вedѕ, нe’d coмe over тo тнeм and clιмв on тop oғ тнeм, and pυѕн нιѕ way down тo мaĸe rooм.”

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Stories like this remind us of the power of companionship, regardless of age or species. They demonstrate how animals can impact each other’s lives positively and bring about remarkable transformations. The nurturing bond between a senior cat and foster kittens not only benefits the animals themselves but also serves as a heartwarming example of love and acceptance.

Whether it’s through fostering, adoption, or simply providing a loving and caring environment, we have the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of animals. The joy and companionship that result from these interactions can be mutually rewarding, reminding us of the beauty and compassion that exists within the animal kingdom and the human-animal bond.

The kitten miraculously survived despite being badly injured, severely debilitated, and left alone on the street.

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