The dog who lost half his face but can’t stop smiling after being adopted

Then came the call that left Brittay Faske, a volunteer for the rescue organization ADORE (All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise of Hoυsto), anxious. A construction worker in Hoυstoп, Texas, found an injured pit bull with half of his face missing. According to the man, the dog hid behind the dog and continued to allow anyone to get too close.

The woman was taken aback by the call and quickly arrived at the location. When she discovered the dog lying alone among bags of food scraps and old pets, she realized that she was in worse trouble than she had anticipated. The dog was in such a horrible state that he thought the best thing he could do was relieve his agony.

“This dog that was once beautiful, large and strong had been reduced to almost nothing.” He was so thin that his ribs, hip bones and neck were clearly visible beneath his skin, in addition to his wounds. “He was covered in dirt and very weak,” Brittaпy explained to The Dodo.

The dog yelped in warning as she approached, but it scared her. She expected a different reaction from him, given the situation she found herself in and everything she had to go through and suffer to continue like this.

After a while, the dog let Brittaпy get close enough to examine her wounds. The animal was missing its nose and snout, and what was left was hanging in front of its face.

Brittaпy realized the fact that it could have been an accident because the cut was so straight that it could only have been made with a sharp knife. So, it’s most likely that the dog scene was the work of someone, possibly the same person who left him lying there. In addition to the horrible sight of the wounds, the dog reeked of infection.

Brittaпy took Apollo, the dog she named after, to the vet after getting rid of his hoard. Despite appearing to be in unbearable pain, the dog managed to relax and even fall asleep in the woman’s car. However, he was still not completely safe.

The dog required immediate medical attention and Brittaпy was not sure she would be able to withstand the therapies she would follow. However, when Apollo arrived at the clinic, she trotted around the waiting room, sniffing people and interacting with the other dogs.

Apollo had heart disease, a disorder that arises when the parasitic disease moves through the dog’s tissues to its heart and can cause death if left untreated, as well as causing facial injuries.

Brittaпy and the vet will place food and water in front of Apollo to determine his quality of life and ability to eat adequately. She might have the opportunity if she can do it.

Apollo ate two buckets of food and watered it. Then Apollo approached the woman who had saved him and rested his head on her leg. “From that moment on, we knew he was the right dog,” Brittaпy explained.

Apollo finally underwent reconstructive surgery. The dog’s outer nose had been removed, but he still had a nasal cavity through which he could breathe. During the procedure, the veterinarian wrapped a skin graft around the exposed bone in Apollo’s nasal cavity to protect what was left of his nose. Although the veterinarian had to remove some of the dog’s upper jaw and some diets, he can still maintain enough mouth space to eat and drink regularly.

Meanwhile, Brittaпy had not considered adopting the dog; She was simply worried about the surgery and the dog’s recovery. However, she knew that she and Apollo had formed a special bond that was growing stronger day by day.

Brittaпy introduced Apollo to her other dogs, two males over ten years old. “They were powerful races with volatile temperaments.” Two old grυñoпes. He wasn’t sure if he could take another dog. “They were used to it being just the two of them and they were very protective of me,” he explained.

Once again, Apollo exceeded Britain’s expectations. Apollo only accepted the newest dog, but he also adored older dogs. Another surprising element about Apollo was that he enjoyed being among the others, which was unexpected given what had happened. After that, Britain made the obvious decision to officially adopt Apollo.

Apollo now lives υпa full life despite sυs facial injuries. Sυ repaired nose fυпcioпed like cυalqυer other dogпs nose, allowing him to breathe, smell and scratch пormalmeпte. Sυ maпdíbυla recoпstrυida пo prevents him from eating пi jυgar.

Apollo likes to curl up in the recliner with Brittay and watch TV, play with his brother dogs, eat and sunbathe. Additionally, the dog received personalized training sessions in the K9 course at Total Cotrol K9 College, where he attends classes every Saturday and seems to enjoy it.

Apollo was able to overcome his emotional tragedies thanks to the devotion of Brittaпy, who also turned him into the most loving and affectionate dog. “I have never met a happier dog.” “You can see their confidence and love in their eyes,” says Brittaпy.

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