Stray Kitten Just Wanders Into Someone’s Apartment And Claims Family As Hers!

In just one day, Adam Laigo’s life changed forever. He had actually always wanted a pet, however, didn’t expect to get one in such an unexpected way. During a game night with some friends, they spotted a stray cat trying to get inside the apartment. The cat got a bit scared and ran away, however, Adam tried to encourage her with food to come back into the apartment. He decided to give her a can of tuna and she finished all of it. She then decided to cuddle up next to Adam to repay his kindness.

Turns out, no one was looking for this cat and she didn’t have a microchip, and so, Adam decided to adopt her. Adam named her Tuna and she has been sleeping in Adam’s bed ever since that first night. Adam had her seen by a vet and has been living with this playful and affectionate cat ever since.

So, you see – It’s true what they say about cats – we don’t choose them, they choose us!



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