Stray Cat is So Ready to Be Indoors, She Has Kittens a Few Days After She’s Brought Inside

A stray cat was so ready to be indoors. She had her kittens a few days after she was brought inside.

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Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Sophie, an animal rescuer based in Montreal, Canada, came across a grey tabby while she was out helping a colony of strays, getting them spayed and neutered.

The cat walked straight into a humane trap that had been set out on the ground, as if she was ready to leave the street life. She was around two years old and sweet-natured from the start.

The cat was very hungry. She scarfed down the food not only for herself, but a few more, too.

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Tikita the catChatons Orphelins Montreal

When Sophie came to check on the feline, she immediately noticed her pregnant belly. Knowing that the cat would need a safe place to give birth and raise her kittens, she brought her home and helped her settle in.

A few days later, the cat went into labor and brought three little newborns (Kookie, Smooty, and Toopie) into the world. The trio escaped the fate of being born outside, and the cat mom (Tikita) was relieved to get some help as she was still trying to figure out motherhood while navigating all the changes.

cat mom kittens

Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Tikita was unsure about how to care for her kittens at first, and the trio needed to be supplemented around the clock.

A foster volunteer from Chaton Orphelins Montreal welcomed the family of four into her home, and began bottle-feeding the kittens while giving the mom the time she needed to decompress.

Tikita warmed up to her foster family as they catered to her precious three. “After a few days, her maternal instinct kicked in, and she started nursing and caring for her babies,” Celine Crom of the rescue shared.

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Chatons Orphelins Montreal

“They were making good gains every day and they no longer needed the bottle.”

As the trio grew in size and strength, they made their first waddles around the nursery and attempted to tumble. They would surround their mom in a cuddle puddle, play with her ears, grab her face, and demand her undivided attention.

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Smooty, Kookie and ToopieChatons Orphelins Montreal

Tikita had the patience of a saint and let her pesky little ones crawl all over her as they tried to teeth or exercise their wrestling prowess.

When the kittens started transitioning to eating solid food, they still enjoyed crowding around their mom for extra TLC.

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They like to share a big carrier togetherChatons Orphelins Montreal

“They are getting really playful and social with everyone. Smooty (grey and white boy) is a happy-go-lucky kitty, and he is never in a bad mood. He is always with someone and prefers never being alone,” Celine added.

His sisters are energetic and have this take-no-prisoner attitude towards toys. If Kookie (tabby girl) gets ahold of a toy in her mouth she will romp around with it like her life depends on it.

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The trioChatons Orphelins Montreal

“During the day, she likes to sit on her human’s lap while they telecommute. At night, she will curl up under the bedsheets when it’s time to sleep.”

Toopie (grey and white girl) is very independent and likes to chase her siblings around the house. She’s a real trouble-maker and never tires of creating mischief. “If she wants something, nothing can stop her.”

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Chatons Orphelins Montreal

Mama Tikita now spends most of her time watching her rambunctious fur kids or looking out the window. She meows and rolls on the floor when she seeks attention, fully reveling in the luxury of indoor life.

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Chatons Orphelins Montreal

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