Seriously Ill Orphaned Kittens Rescued From Woodpile

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It was the beginning of October, and my wife and I just had taken in a stray we’d been feeding all summer. That’s another story. We had started volunteering for a nonprofit organization earlier that year, and our coordinator had just gotten a phone call.


There was a litter of four kittens, who were born outside, and this person found them in their woodpile. Mother was nowhere to be found. The coordinator had found a foster home for two of them, but the other two were going to have to be returned. They were 5-weeks-old. Three boys, one girl. My wife and I had a small discussion, and without hesitation, we decided we were going to foster the other two.

We were given a boy and a girl, and they were very sick. They were covered in poop, had fleas, and needed to be bathed desperately. The biggest of the litter was very spitty and almost feral. Since we are both home due to disability, we took on the almost feral boy and we chose the female. We named them Asia and Zeus. Zeus was very spitty and both needed socialization.



Asia did not make it. She passed of coccidia a week later. We miss her everyday. She was amazing and she got to know love; that’s what was important to us. She was meant to be an angel. She had kitten fading syndrome and was too weak to fight the coccidia.

Zeus, we treated for it, and he ended up getting really sick with it a few weeks later. We nursed him back to health, and we’d decided a long time before this, that we were keeping him. Now he is a healthy 4-month-old boy, and he is being neutered very soon. I cannot picture our lives without our three cats, and Zeus completed our little family. Zeus, our woodpile miracle baby.


Story submitted by Megan from Carmel, Maine.



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