Scruffy Street Cat Can’t Stop Hugging Everyone He Meets After He was Rescued

A cat couldn’t get enough cuddles and affection after he was rescued from the streets.

Best Friends in Los Angeles

This adorable cat with big cheeks came to the Best Friends Animal Society in Los Angeles early June for a chance at a better life.

Diane Barber of Best Friends met the sweet little guy when he was brought in. She immediately noticed his adorable cheeks (hence the name McCheeks) and informed her coworker, Samantha Bell, about the new cat.

“She knows of my love for scruffy street cats and immediately came to find me. When I walked up to his kennel he was meowing sweetly to me and rubbing on the bars of the cage,” Samantha told Love Meow.

Best Friends in Los Angeles

“He wasn’t just a pretty face, he was also extremely affectionate.”

Samantha opened his kennel, and McCheeks snuggled right up to her face, rumbling with his little purrs as he melted completely into pets.

Best Friends in Los Angeles

When he was held in her arms, he had the most contented look on his face. He kept slow blinking at his human friend while continued with his gentle face snuggles.

“He’s pure love! He’s confident, friendly, easy-going, affectionate, talkative, silly,… everything you want in a cat,” Samantha said. “When you pick him up he melts in your arms and hugs you back.”

Best Friends in Los Angeles

McCheeks quickly made himself comfortable at Best Friends and wanted to be a part of the action, no matter what was going on.

“If we’re feeding the cats, he cries to be fed first. If nobody is paying attention to him, he will meow his sweet little meow until someone does. If you have a treat in your hand, he will get that treat,” Samantha told Love Meow.

Best Friends in Los Angeles

McCheeks loves spending time with his human friends and makes sure everyone gets a dose of his lovin’.

Watch McCheeks in this adorable video:

Former Stray Cat So Happy to be Cuddled and

“If there are two of us in the room with him, he will walk back and forth between us to get as many pets and as much attention as possible. I could watch him all day. He is that entertaining!”

Best Friends in Los Angeles

This hunk of love never stops giving hugs and kisses whenever someone dotes on him.

The former stray cat can’t wait to find a place and humans to call his very own. “He is only about two years old and more than ready to spend a lifetime in someone’s arms.”

Best Friends in Los Angeles

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