Rescued from the Farm: The Heartwarming Transformation of a Cat into the Sweetest Companion

A cat who was left at a farm, began to bloom with a warm home. He turned into the sweetest little guy.

fluffy cat sweet

Kocco the cat@comrescuemontrealA long-haired black and white cat was found abandoned at a farm. He joined a clowder of cats that the family of the farm had rescued over the years.

The number of cats continued to grow, and it became overwhelming to care for. The family reached out to the rescue community to seek help. Julie, an animal rescuer, stepped up to the plate and volunteered to get all the cats and kittens to safety.

“Kocco (the cat) was among the last to be captured. He stayed at the top of the barn and slept in front of the window,” Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

cat farm stray

He was found abandoned at a farm@comrescuemontrealKocco was so hungry that eventually he came down from the window sill and walked into a humane trap one day. Julie immediately took him to the vet to be evaluated.

He was treated for an injury, vetted and neutered. For the first few days, Kocco was frightened and wary of people. He kept his head down the whole time, trying to avoid eye contact.

rescue cat in sink

Kocco was very scared and wary of people at first@comrescuemontrealWith the help of many volunteers, Kocco along with the rest of the cats from the barn arrived in foster care through Chatons Orphelins Montreal.

“Kocco desperately needed tooth extractions. He also had trouble opening his eyes due to an infection,” the rescue shared.

sleeping rescued cat

He was treated for an injury and had a lot of healing to do@comrescuemontrealAfter getting a full dental, Kocco had one tooth remaining but no more pain or discomfort. “He can now eat his food much easier, and he is very happy.”

As time went by, Kocco started to fill out, and his energy level soared. He warmed up to the luxuries of indoor life and started to come out of his shell.

fluffy cat playful

With a foster home, Kocco quickly blossomed@comrescuemontrealThe sweet boy grew very fond of his people as he realized that they meant good. He discovered the fun of catnip and toys, but most of all, he enjoyed spending time with his humans, partaking in their lives.

His coat became softer and fluffier as he recuperated. He was beaming with personality and charm.

friendly sweet fluffy cat

He came out of his shell and started asking for attention@comrescuemontreal“He is so gentle and has changed so much since he was rescued. Now, he likes to ask for attention and sleep near his humans for cuddles.”

Kocco is very expressive and easygoing. He gets along beautifully with kittens and even dogs.

sweet fluffy cat

Kocco adores people and kittens@comrescuemontrealKocco has a pair of eyes that seem to tell a lifetime of stories. He is a little gentleman who likes to be pampered and adored. He is partial to naps by the window to bask in the warm rays.

cat sleeping window

Kocco loves basking in the sun when he naps@comrescuemontrealDespite everything he’s gone through, Kocco is savoring his new life without a care in the world. “He is very fluffy with short legs and a unique look.”

sweet fluffy cat

He has a pair of calm eyes and a little goatee@comrescuemontrealKocco is more than ready to look for his forever home where he will be loved endlessly.

“He likes to sleep glued to his people, and every night he climbs onto their bed to have his nightly hugs.”

sleeping cat bed

Kocco likes his nightly snuggles with his people at bedtime@comrescuemontreal
“Kocco survived the stray life and was rescued from the barn. It’s so nice to see him happy, warm and safe.”

fluffy cat kocco


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