Proud Feline Father Welcomes Litters with Faces Adorned in an Array of Matching Hues(Discover more 👇👇)

Narnia captured our affections as a small kitten with a remarkable feature – his face was divided into gray and black sides. Stephanie Jiminez, his owner, felt amazed by his appearance and knew he was one of a kind. But time flies, and Narnia has grown into a charming adult cat and even become a father! Recently, he sired two adorable kittens, Phoenix and Prada, who inherited their fur colors from their dad’s split face. These siblings are stunningly beautiful and equally share Narnia’s striking looks. It’s truly a remarkable sight to behold! You can find out more about Narnia and his offspring on Chatterie de la Grâce and Instagram.

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Credits for the picture go to amazingnarnia. The latest news is that he became the father of two adorable babies in different shades.

Bored Panda recently had a conversation with Stephanie, the owner of the famous cat Narnia, to find out how he is doing in his new role as a father. According to Stephanie, Narnia is doing great and enjoys spending time with his kittens. It’s not the first time that Narnia has become a parent, as he has fathered several kittens before, all of which have different color variations. Stephanie is a professional cat breeder, and Narnia has two light brown twins, Orfée and Ozanna, pitch-black Roswell, gray Rose, and two multicolored boys, Polaris and Phantom. Looking at their parents, it’s apparent that the kittens have inherited their good looks.

The striking feature of Narnia are its captivating blue eyes that steal the show.

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What’s fascinating is that while Prada and Phoenix didn’t inherit Narnia’s striking blue eyes, the rest of the kittens did. Stephanie explained that it’s quite uncommon for cats to have a full coat color and blue eyes, as it’s due to a rare gene called “ice.” Interestingly, Narnia is about to be a dad once more, with his litter of kittens expected to be born on June 29.

Attribution: The image used in this content belongs to amazingnarnia.

Rewritten: Photo credit goes to amazingnarnia for the image featured in this article.

The photo recognition goes out to amazingnarnia.

Amazingnarnia, a feline with an interesting backstory, was originally believed to be a rare chimera cat due to its unique coloring. However, the owner of Narnia, Stephanie, revealed in an interview that genetic testing disproved this theory. Despite being born in Paris and now residing in Britain, Narnia has only one DNA, leaving scientists puzzled by his unusual appearance.

Attribution: The picture belongs to amazingnarnia.

Rewritten: Photo courtesy of amazingnarnia.

Stephanie Jimenez, the owner of Narnia, shared that she recognized the extraordinary qualities of the boy since he was born.

The internet was abuzz with excitement as people marvelled at the stunningly attractive feline family captured in an image credited to amazingnarnia.

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