Paramedic Gives Oxygen To Cat Rescued From Burning Home And Helps Save Its Life

Firefighters and a paramedic worked together to save a cat from a burning home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to Charlotte Fire Department, the fire started in the kitchen and the cause was determined to be accidental. It took place while the residents were out of the home. Neighbors called 911 to report the fire.

30 firefighters arrived and had the fire under control in 10 minutes. Even with their quick actions, the smoke and flames claimed the lives of several cats. One “fortunate” kitty was rescued by firefighters in time.

Paramedic Chris Noll with Mecklenburg EMS Agency was on the scene and quickly offered the traumatized feline some oxygen. He gently stroked the cat as he held the oxygen mask.

The heroes were praised for their efforts and for taking special care of the rescued cat. Mecklenburg EMS Agency wrote, “Sadly some of our furry friends did not make it. Our condolences to the residents of the house.”



The fire department shared the displaced residents are staying with friends and damage from the fire totaled $22K.

They also posted a video of the paramedic caring for the rescued kitty which has been viewed by thousands of people. One person commented, “A life is a life, thank you for all you do!”

Another said, “Thank you, Chris, for showing such compassion for this little soul!”

No further updates had been posted on the cat’s condition at the time of publishing, but we hope it is recovering and reunited with family.

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