Paralyzed Kitten On Brink Of Death Has New Lease On Life Thanks To Woman Who Found Him

Wheels the kitten has a new lease on life after he was found almost lifeless in someone’s yard in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Spearmint, who has rescued many kittens in the past, spotted the poor little kitten and knew she couldn’t just walk away and leave him there. Without hesitation, she decided to help him.

She brought him home and began giving him the TLC he so desperately needed.


At first glance, she didn’t realize anything was wrong. But after a while, she noticed that he wasn’t moving around much and upon closer examination, she discovered that Wheels was paralyzed in his back end.

Since he has no mobility in his back legs, he requires a little wheelchair to get around, which is how he got his name “Wheels.”

Wheels adjusted very quickly with his new set of wheels and gets around as he would if he weren’t paralyzed.



Despite his paralysis, Wheels is just like any other kitten and fits right in with all of the other cats.

“He does not think he’s disabled. He’s right there in with them, in with the cats, runs right in with them,” Spearmint told WFMZ.


If it weren’t for Spearmint finding Wheels and deciding to help him, he most likely would not have survived much longer out there on his own.

Hear his full rescue story in the video below:



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