On the Verge of Skeletal Despair: The Dog’s Tearful Response to the Savior’s Arrival

Galgos del Sol Aпimal Rescυe comes to the rescue of galgos (Spanish hunting greyhounds), dogs that are killed or slaughtered by hundreds every year in Spain at the end of the hunting season. Because dogs were considered potential pets, they were ended up in dead animal shelters or, more commonly, dumped on the side of the road to die.

This is how Matilda was discovered. She was heartbroken and distressed, she was alone on the street and she couldn’t stop crying. Her slim figure reveals all her bones, since she weighs half her normal weight.

Tiпa Solera, founder and president of Galgos del Sol Aпimal Rescυe, was contacted by a group of young men and women to inform her about Matilda. Tia declared on Facebook that she received the call while she was searching for the town she was hiding from. Things turned out just as she expected since she thought she could rescue Matilda if she fell into a trap. A bunch of young people helped her carry the dog on her back.

“This was also difficult because she bit, and the only time I needed the muzzle, I didn’t have it,” Tiпa recalled of rescuing Matilda. “The screaming and the harsh crying were more stressful and everyone was upset, but what a brave group of young people helped me and, with your help, they will become ambassadors for the greyhounds.”

Tia took her to the hospital after Matilda was safe with her. Aunt didn’t know if Matilda was screaming and crying from pain or terror.

Tia, a mother of two children who emigrated from the United Kingdom to Mυrcia, Spain with her family, said that Matilda’s screams broke her heart. “In the last hour I have aged over 30 years; The crying and screaming are so stressful that it makes you feel useless.” She now she is safe.”

The skinny puppy was infested with ticks and had a fever. He gave him an intravenous line, pain relievers, and a comfortable bed to sleep in after undergoing a full-body X-ray and scan to see if he had anything broken.

Matilda felt much better after a few days. “A lot of emotional drama, some screaming, but she calms down.” Tiпa characterized him as “just a puppy that has already been in hell and returned.” “I think she will recover more quickly. She has been hydrated for the past few days and she is receiving treatment for tick-borne infections. She is eating well, but the best thing is that we wag her tail a little before… ”The following video shows the beautiful movement of Matilda’s tail and her first days.

Aunt is convinced that Matilda will be fine once she has rested, eaten and loved enough. “She is so sure that day by day she improves little.”

Tia found Galgos del Sol after finding a stray greyhound who needed help. “It’s hard to explain the connection I felt, but when he looked at me with his comforting eyes and stretched out his broken face, I knew my life had changed forever,” she said.

Galgos del Sol is now a registered charity organization in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States that focuses on rescuing abandoned and injured greyhounds, rehabilitating them and finding them permanent homes in the United Kingdom, the United States and Belgium. Accommodated 150 greyhounds, hounds and mixes of these breeds. Visit them on Facebook and their website to see the dogs they have available for adoption in the United States and Europe, as well as to support their efforts.

But so that you can see where all this pleasure comes from, it is worth the time, the price and the reverence. But so that you can see where it comes from all this time, it is the price and the pleasure of the bow.

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