Meet Chonky, the adorable 40-pound cat – a delightful phenomenon with an insatiable appetite!

The meaning of “fat cat” takes on a whole new interpretation in this heartwarming tale. Kay Ford found herself smitten with Patches from the moment she laid eyes on him. It’s no surprise really, given that Patches weighs in at an impressive 40.3 pounds – there’s simply more cat to love! The story began when Kay’s daughter forwarded her a Facebook post from Richmond Animal Care and Control, a local shelter appealing for someone to take on the supersized feline. The post was a witty one, asking if anyone was up for adopting the largest cat in history. And so began a beautiful friendship between Kay and Patches.

Patches, 40-pound cat

Introducing Patches – a chubby cat that stole the internet’s heart. When Kay Ford saw a post from a shelter looking for someone to help a plump cat lose weight, she knew it was her moment. Patches, who weighed 42 pounds when he was brought in by his original owners, was put on a diet and exercise plan to reach a safe weight. Despite his size, Patches is extremely sweet, according to Adoption and Intake Coordinator Savannah Hughes. The shelter received numerous inquiries about adopting Patches after posting his photo on Facebook. However, they chose Ford because of her willingness to help Patches on his weight loss journey as an experienced pet owner.

Ford with her new friend.

Kay Ford welcomed Patches, a 6-year-old cat weighing 40.3 pounds, into her home after the feline spent two weeks at RACC. Patches has since met his new siblings: Bella, a 13-year-old Yorkie who isn’t bothered by his presence, and Wellesley, a 2-year-old cat who bears a striking resemblance to Patches. Although Wellesley is taking longer to adjust, Ford is confident that they will eventually become great friends, as he is quite fond of his “mama.”

Patches and his new siblings.

Kay Ford is determined to help Patches lose weight, despite the challenges that lie ahead. Patches’ previous owners had given him too many treats, resulting in his excessive weight gain. Fortunately, Patches had previously been under the care of a veterinarian, and his records will be shared with his new doctor. Convincing Patches to exercise won’t be easy, but small steps will make a difference. Although Patches can walk, he prefers to do it at his own pace and needs some encouragement to get moving. Surprisingly, Patches isn’t a big eater, and for now, Kay is ensuring that he eats regularly.


After settling into his new home, Patches is expected to have many exciting experiences in the future. To track his journey towards weight loss and all his adventures, Kay Ford established a Facebook page that has already garnered over 5,000 followers in just one week. Looking forward, her primary focus is on supporting Patches as he transitions towards a healthier lifestyle and anticipating the possibilities that lie ahead. Kay observes that Patches seems uneasy but sees the potential for a dynamic, lively personality to emerge once he loses the extra weight.

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