Man Stops To Rescue A Kitten And Gets Ambushed By The Rest Of The Litter

What started as a rescue mission for one solo kitten turned into an ambush of rescue kittens in need!

The rescue happened in Pioneer, Louisiana when a man was driving home. As he was driving, he thought he spotted a tiny kitten all alone so he stopped and turned around to check.

Sure enough, the little kitten appeared to be alone in the middle of the road.


Of course, the man wasn’t about to leave the kitten in the road to fend for itself, so he reached down and picked it up.

As soon as he grabbed the tiny kitten, a bunch of kittens sprung from the bushes and surrounded the man! There were at least seven other kittens that needed help, but the man wasn’t expecting to help more than one.



Speaking with ViralHog, he said:

“Wasn’t ready to take them but couldn’t leave them for dead either. So I loaded them up and brought them home where we’re working to get them healthy and get a good home.”


It’s lucky that the man stopped when he did and that the kittens all ran to his feet for help! Hopefully they all go on to live healthily and happily in loving forever homes.

Check out the video below:



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