Lonesome Kitten Comes Running to a Litter of Four and Decides He’ll Be Their New Brother

A lonesome kitten came running to a litter of four and decided he would be their new brother.

tiny kitten rescue

Colin the kittenPenny Richards

A neonatal kitten was brought into the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) at the wee age of two days old. He was rescued as a singleton and in need of round-the-clock bottle feedings.

For the first 2.5 weeks of his life, the kitten named Colin Robinson was hand-reared by a dedicated volunteer and given undivided attention. As soon as his eyes opened and ears perked up, his need for a playmate multiplied.

“He would cry constantly and was very lonely, so he needed some friends,” Penny Richards, a foster volunteer at AWLA, told Love Meow.

kitten singleton

He came to the rescue alone and was bottle-fed from the age of two days oldPenny Richards

Around the time Colin was rescued, a litter of four kittens (Nadja, Nandor, Laszlo, and Guillermo) arrived at AWLA needing foster care. They hailed from a pallet delivery from the Richmond area to Arlington, Virginia, and were found on one of the pallets that had been stored in a warehouse.

Penny took them in and started bottle-feeding them. A couple of weeks into their care, she was contacted about the lonesome kitten, Colin.

sleeping baby kittens

They also took in a litter of four that needed a foster homePenny Richards

“By this point, he was the same age as my new four, so I agreed to take over his care.”

When Colin, the new kitten on the block, was introduced to the four littermates, his reaction was priceless. Without hesitation, he came waddling to them and decided to be a part of their crew.

kittens wrestling playing

Colin was eager for a friend, and the four kittens accepted him right awayPenny Richards

“He was immediately very happy when I put him with his new friends. He started biting them to play,” Penny shared with Love Meow.

The foursome didn’t mind the unbridled energy from the new kid and accepted him instantly. They started including him in every activity as if he had always been a member of the family.

kittens in incubator

Penny Richards

When they curled up with Colin for the first time, he was in complete contentment and slept soundly with his new siblings in a purr pile. They would cuddle with him to show their love.

“He’s been playing and snuggling with them ever since, and now only cries when he’s hungry.”

snuggly sleeping kittens

Penny Richards

With his newfound confidence, Colin’s personality is blossoming.

“He is a funny little guy who loves to bounce around the pen, play-fighting with his new siblings. He is a very enthusiastic eater, and one of his favorite things is his bottle and milk,” Penny shared.

cuddle puddle kittens

Penny Richards

Colin is a people-cat being raised by humans from a young age. When he is not zooming around the room or cuddling with his siblings, he is seeking out his foster mom for pets and cuddles.

“He purrs and purrs after he eats, and loves spending time on my lap.”

sweet kitten stretching

Penny Richards

Colin can often be found napping amongst his feline friends after playtime. He likes to rest his head on them, and they enjoy his company and being his “pillows”.

sleeping pile of kittens

Happy cuddle puddlePenny Richards

The once lonesome kitten has gained a new family of four. He follows them around learning everything about kitten-hood. He is the happiest he’s ever been.

Colin kitten cute

Penny Richards

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