Lone Husky Locked Indoors Finds Lucky Friendship

Welcome to the world of Messy. He is a relaxed and friendly pup. Messy lives in Thailand with her owner, Oranit Kittragul.

Oranit is not the only one who has Messy’s interest. Across the road, a husky just became the Labrador’s best friend.

Mixed Audi spends most of his time alone at home, according to Orani Kittragul. His owner goes to work early in the morning and returns home late at night. When the dog is left alone, he often hears it crying.

“When he feels alone and cries, I usually ask my dog ​​to come talk to him,” Oranit explained. “My puppy just looks at me and looks at the Audi from time to time. Even though I don’t realize what they are discussing, he stops crying. “

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