Kittens Only Had Each Other at Birth, Always Side by Side and Won’t Stand Being Apart for a Second

Two kittens who only had each other at birth, always stay side by side and won’t stand being apart for a second.

kittens bonded brothersShrimp and Tuna share an incredibly close bondJen

Two kittens, named Shrimp and Tuna, share an unbelievably close bond. “I’ve never really seen anything like that, and it’s so so sweet,” Shelbi Uyehara, founder of Jin’s Bottle Babies, shared with Love Meow.

Shrimp and Tuna were born to a stray cat who “wanted nothing to do with them”. The two kittens had to be bottle-fed around the clock and stay in an incubator to help regulate their body temperature.

During that time, they were constantly curled up together, cuddling day and night. They were completely inseparable from the start.

newborn kittens snugglingShrimp, Tuna and their friend TigerShelbi @jinsbottlebabies

Around that time, a nursing cat and her kittens arrived at the rescue for a chance at a better life. Shelbi decided to place the two orphans with the new mom. She immediately took them in and started raising them as her own.

The two kittens were just a few days old, and their eyes were still closed.

newborn orphan kittensTuna (left) and Shrimp (right)Shelbi @jinsbottlebabies

Shrimp and Tuna blended beautifully into their new family and nursed vigorously, making up for lost time. They fell asleep to an ocean of purrs, lying with their new siblings, atop mama’s belly.

No matter where they were in the clowder, they were always connected somehow.

cat nursing kittensShelbi @jinsbottlebabies

The cat mother showered all the kittens with cuddles and gave Shrimp and Tuna equal love and care as she did her own babies.

As the two brothers grew into boisterous younglings, their bond only became stronger.

sweet cat mother nursing kittensShelbi @jinsbottlebabies

They watched their brother as they learned to walk and climb. They helped each other hone their feline skills. If one of them bounced off to play with other kittens, the other one would swiftly join in the fun.

Wherever Shrimp is, Tuna is always nearby.

sweet kittens cuteJen

“They’re definitely two peas in a pod. They are always in the same room together, side by side,” Shelbi told Love Meow.

“Every time Shrimp leaves the room, Tuna will start meow-crying and frantically look around for Shrimp. Shrimp will come back and Tuna will be all good again.”

kittens cuddles bonded pairShrimp gave Tuna a big hugJen

When nap time comes along, they will wrap their arms around each other and purr themselves to sleep. They often mirror one another and even move in unison.

They are joined at the hip and never fail to put a smile on people’s faces.

twin kittens cuddlesJen

When the two hang out in a cat tree, Shrimp likes to lean against Tuna or rest his paw on his arm like a gentleman as if to reassure his brother that all is well.

They are “obsessed with each other”, and Tuna won’t go anywhere without his brother within eyesight.

cute kittens best friendsJen

Shrimp is the slightly more adventurous of the two, and Tuna trails right behind him. They follow in each other’s paw-steps.

When they discover a new toy or a fresh cardboard box, they share it with each other, enjoying the fun as a duo.

playful kittens best friendsShelbi @jinsbottlebabies

The brothers have never been apart since the day they were born. They have an unbreakable bond, one that will melt even the most hardened heart.

sweet cuddly kittens bondedJen

Shrimp and Tuna are ready to find a forever home together. They come in a pair, doubling the fun, cuteness and snuggles.

cuddly kittens best friendsShelbi @jinsbottlebabies

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