Kitten Who Hides from Everyone, Decides One Day to Accept Help and Stretch Her Big Happy Toes

A kitten who hid from everyone, decided one day to accept help and stretch her big happy toes.

Jeanne the catChatons Orphelins Montréal

A litter of kittens were spotted in a barn located in western Québec, Canada last year. The barn owner, Joanie, took it upon herself to rescue them. She got in touch with Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue about seven hours (drive) away, since no one else was able to help.

With a humane trap, Joanie was able to get three kittens and two adult cats to safety. The kittens were subsequently transported to the rescue to be placed up for adoption, and the older cats were spayed and neutered and adopted by the barn owner.

As she continued to locate the last kitten from the litter, there came a very shy and hungry tabby who found herself in the trap one day.

She hid in a cardboard box after she was rescuedChatons Orphelins Montréal

The tabby named Jeanne was around six months old at the time. She was so terrified that she submerged herself in a cardboard box the whole time. “She never had any human contact and felt lost and scared,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.

The kitten was wary of people and kept her distance from them, so Joanie used a spatula to attempt to pet her and earn her trust.

She was very scared but didn’t have a mean bone in her bodyChatons Orphelins Montréal

With the help of a volunteer, the kitten was transported to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, where she was vetted and spayed before heading to her foster home.

Soon, they would discover that underneath that timid, fearful exterior, lay a sweet little soul longing for love.


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