Kitten Survives 60 Miles Under the Hood of a Car

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One summer evening, my husband had switched cars with me while I was at work. Then, a kitten climbed under my car by the tire, probably to stay warm and dry because it was pouring! She was about 4-weeks-old. When I drove home that night, I thought I heard meowing, but with the rain, I wasn’t sure. I went inside and didn’t think about the meowing again.


The next day, I drove to town and parked in a parking garage for five hours. On the way home, I thought I heard meowing again, so I stopped at the closest place I could, a car dealership. After an hour and a half, two car salesmen, a man, woman, and their three kids, this tiny scared little kitten was pulled from under my car.

Because we had a cat and dog already and because she was just under a car for nearly 24 hours and 60 miles of mostly highway driving, I wanted to make sure she was okay, so I took her to the vet right away. She had a cold, she was about a pound underweight, and she had an eye discharge. I noticed her tail was short, and I feared the worst, but she’s an American Bobtail and was born that way!


We named her Ariadne, Greek goddess of mazes, because after being freed from the car, she hid under the seat of the car while going to the vet, and it took me another 20 minutes to get her to come out from there. Then, the moment she got home, she hid again until we convinced her to come out for food! She was starving! From the moment they put her in my arms, I knew we just had another kitten. Everyone was impressed that I kept her without question, but when God wants you to take care of one of his creatures, he makes it very clear!


A year and a half later, she is a happy, healthy, 17-pound lovable miracle kitten who is afraid of everything but her family! We love her!

Story submitted by an anonymous user from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.



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