Kitten Spotted in an Industrial Area Needing Help, A Couple of Weeks Later Her Sister Showed Up

A kitten was spotted in an industrial area, needing help. A couple of weeks later, her sister showed up.

kitten holding pawsNebula@tania_b07

A tortie kitten was found by a kind woman who was working with community cats in an industrial area, getting them spayed and neutered.

The cat mom was nowhere in sight, and the kitten was in distress and needed help. “She happened upon a tiny newborn alone and covered in fleas,” Tania who volunteers for Toronto Humane Society, shared with Love Meow.

“She took the kitten home and cared for her for a couple of weeks until she was sure she had taken care of all the fleas.”

tortie kitten cuteGamora@tania_b07

Through diligent care, the kitten named Gamora bounced back and was brought into the shelter, awaiting a foster home. Tania stepped up and welcomed the little tortie into her care.

At under 300 grams, the kitten needed to be syringe-fed every four hours and assisted to potty after each meal.

cute tortie kitten@tania_b07

The kitten took to the formula like a champ. After getting a full belly, she waddled next to her snuggle kitty (a plush soft toy in the shape of a cat with a battery-powered heartbeat) for a nap.

“Gamora has proven to be one busy baker. If she’s not nuzzling my hand, she’s trying to suckle off her snuggle kitty.”

kitten kneading on stuffyGamora kneaded away on the snuggle kitty@tania_b07

The tortie began to make good gains, and her energy levels increased.

As much as Gamora adored her faux mama, Tania knew that having another kitten her age would benefit her well-being greatly and help her learn to be a cat.

sweet tortie kitten@tania_b07

“After a few days of taking care of this tiny sweet morsel, I was again contacted by the shelter, saying Gamora’s sister had been found,” Tania told Love Meow.

Overjoyed, Tania went to the shelter to pick up the new addition, Nebula (both sisters were named after characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy).

gray kitten box@tania_b07

The kind lady who rescued Gamora, never stopped looking for the mom and siblings. One day, a gray kitten with the same fur coat as the tortie showed up around the same area, and was swiftly scooped up and rescued.

Nebula was cleaned up from all the pesky fleas and transported to the shelter to be reunited with her sister.

fluffy gray kitten@tania_b07

At first, the two kittens were a bit unsure about each other, but it didn’t take long for one of them to make a move. Suddenly, they were cuddling as if they’d never been apart.

“Not long after, they were snuggling and sleeping side by side.”

kittens snuggling sweetNebula and Gamora@tania_b07

Gamora was the first to tackle the litter box milestone, and Nebula took after her sister and started using the box herself, too.

“They learned how to eat from a bowl. They both have the sweetest temperament and are so soft, gentle and utterly endearing.”

sweet fluffy kittensThe two sisters are back together@tania_b07

The sisters enjoy being carried around the house by their people, in the comfort of a big front pocket. They like to be bathed in the soothing sun rays by the window.

They will clean each other’s faces after mealtime and roll around wrestling on their foster mom’s lap.

fluffy kittens lap cats@tania_b07

The room is constantly filled with their tiny harmonized purrs. Once they tire out from all the rough and tumble, they’ll curl up with each other and purr themselves to sleep.

cute kitten sisters@tania_b07

The sisters still have a lot of growing to do, and once they are old enough for adoption, they will be spayed and look for a home together.

With the help of the kind rescuer and volunteers, Gamora and Nebula are back together and thriving in their foster home.

sleeping fluffy kittens@tania_b07

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