Kitten Rescued After Losing His Family in House Fire

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My nine-year-old daughter and I had just lost a few friends in a house fire. We decided to go pay our respects and lay some flowers at what used to be the door. As we sat there on the lawn and allowed ourselves a few moments to pick ourselves back up, we saw a tiny little black and white kitten sitting under what was left of the back porch. My daughter and I had encountered this kitten on many different occasions when we would go play at this house.



His name was Rocket, and as we both knew, he no longer had a forever home. His owners had gone to heaven before he did. We took it on ourselves to go back to our house, which was a few blocks away, and walk back with a pet carrier. It didn’t take much coaxing to get him into the carrier since we brought food and water. We let him eat before walking him back the few blocks.

When we got home, he immediately got a bath, being out in the yard for a few days among the bugs and charred pieces and who knows how close to the fire he had gotten. Luckily, he was okay. We then introduced him to his fur brother Stampy.



It’s been four months now since this little fuzzball came to live with us, and it’s like he’s been here since birth. Stampy is such a mother hen(cat) and continues to treat Rocket like his own kitten. I couldn’t ask for better furbabies. Although he came to us in the worst way possible, he’ll always be cared for and I hope his former fur parents know that.

Story submitted by Nora from Maysville, Kentucky.



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