Kitten Found in a Bush, Picks Puppy to Be Her Family and Decides to Adopt Him Herself

A kitten who was found in a bush, picked a puppy to be her family and decided to adopt him herself.

Grace the kitten and Ralfie the puppyPaula Montgomery

Paula Montgomery, a foster volunteer of Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA), received a call about a lone kitten that had been found in a bush outside a church.

“She was found crying outside with her eyes matted shut, and completely smothered in fleas. She was anemic due to the fleas, as well as cold and hungry,” AWLA’s Kitten College Program shared.

The kitten was about three weeks old and in desperate need of foster care. Paula stepped up to help and named her Grace. “She got to my house around 10PM. I could feel the flea dirt as soon as I touched her and took her straight in for a bath,” Paula told Love Meow.

Grace was found in a bush outside all alonePaula Montgomery

Grace was in rough shape due to the flea infestation, so the first thing was to get her all cleaned up. After a much-needed bath and treatment, the kitten could finally breathe a sigh of relief and rest comfortably in a cozy incubator, making up for lost sleep.

“She was so exhausted that she was asleep before her head hit her pillow.”

Paula Montgomery

Grace was fed every three hours around the clock. Her appetite increased at each meal and her energy level also improved. “By her 7AM feeding, she made it clear that she did not need to be babied and did not need the incubator.”

The kitten bounced back with her new-found strength and vigor, and became eager for attention and play. Paula placed her in a basket lined with soft blankets and a heating pad, so Grace could stay close by during the work day.


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